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That Spalted Tamarind looks amazing! Congrats Paulo!
Replaceable faceplates?
Congrats dude! Just caught up on three months of posts! Really nice to see people enjoying their Noble IEMs, and the recent designs are amazing! Will Gisele be stocking the BTS do you know? Also rough price on those stands?!  Listening to James Bay right now. Thanks.
Any more impressions on this amp?   Thanks.
Anyone own that glow in the dark cable?
Been catching up with a weeks worth of posts on this thread! A bit late but been listening to this with my K10s   
Noble beanie or scarf, part of this next chapter?Starting to get cold now.
Any updates or pics assembled? 
I'm lazy :(So I will sit here being wrong while listening to my K10, which are so right.........?Confused and with mixed feels...............
Brannon signed CIEMs?
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