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@Sechtdamon When having this problem, were you turning the Atlantis on before your computer? I've not had this problem if I let my PC boot first. Where as if I turned the Atlantis on before my pc, not always but occasionally, it would cycle the blue LEDs then settle on USB, but produce no sound until it was turned off and on again.
Thanks for all the impressions on the tubes luckbad! May grab a pair of those GE triple mica you shared from eBay.
Can't wait to listen to the Atlantis, thanks for the impressions so far luckbad! Would the project Polaris be a good match do you think? Been looking at picking one up. Thanks.
Hi, I'm after an Mhdt labs dac. PM me if you have one for sale, please. Thank you!
So, want to share those pictures? please.
Your K10 have been finished?
1) 103,674 2) 107,892 2) 108,963
Did not know that, will wait and see what this new DX80 will be like. Thanks
I sold off my DX50 and T1 amp to fund the DX90 but never bought one in the end. Is it still a contender at its price range?Grabbed the x1 to get me by. Was just curious as to what's about and any recommendations.Thanks.
Just spent the last few days catching up on 3-4 months worth of posts, most of which were Watagumps!! Wanting to upgrade from my Fiio x1. I've been looking at the AK Jr and x5 mkii, any one have any experience with both and a set of K10? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: