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Lohb, I've been running the duals for a week or two now. They're a tight fit, but I don't have any jumpers plugged in Here's a bad pic taken with my phone.
Hi for sale is my Ibasso PB2, bought from Jaben Hong Kong early 2014. In excellent working condition.   Comes in original box with all accessories except the rubber feet that were included as I have misplaced them. Also the right side hinge on the opamp/buffers case is broken and the charger has scuffs and marks but works absolutley fine.   Will also include 3 hirose 6 pin connectors, 2 male and 1 female.   Price includes PP fees and shipping within the UK.   Any...
@Sechtdamon When having this problem, were you turning the Atlantis on before your computer? I've not had this problem if I let my PC boot first. Where as if I turned the Atlantis on before my pc, not always but occasionally, it would cycle the blue LEDs then settle on USB, but produce no sound until it was turned off and on again.
Thanks for all the impressions on the tubes luckbad! May grab a pair of those GE triple mica you shared from eBay.
Can't wait to listen to the Atlantis, thanks for the impressions so far luckbad! Would the project Polaris be a good match do you think? Been looking at picking one up. Thanks.
Hi, I'm after an Mhdt labs dac. PM me if you have one for sale, please. Thank you!
So, want to share those pictures? please.
Your K10 have been finished?
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