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  You wouldn't happen to have a Z-series walkman to compare to, would you?
For Sale: Audiotailor Jade Tube Amplifier bought from another Head-fier approximately 7 months ago ($300 local pickup) (   + Millian acoustics 12 inch long 3.5mm - RCA Interconnect ($57.50) bought from Millian Acoustics website (   §  Condition        Amp and interconnect in great shape, minimal use. Sits on night stand...
Are those R06s?  I absolutely love the Sansa Fuze in combination with my Gr07! Straight from HP out, i can even compare it to my Sony Z1060 (fiio lod to d4) with significant doubt as to which sounds better.   Hell, DBA-02 MKII takes away a bit of the warmth, but damn they also sound great together! 
i'm kinda hoping it will beat out the dt1350 by a large margin in terms of sound stage and tie or top it in terms of sq. 
er yeah, i just popped it open and stuffed some shrink wrap between the tip contact spring and the wall.   available for preorder on u.s. sony website
Thank you so much =) i'll go looking for the setting
I'm having mild distortion issues with poweramp and playerpro on the Z.    No problems with the native player.   Can anyone else confirm this? Or do i just have a defective product... running 320kbps...rather, even with higher bit rate files, the issue is recurring. do you like the k550s?
haha just letting whoever didn't know, know. Granted it is still the best smartphone in the U.S. .. even with a dual core processor and no wolfson...
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