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my listening experience hasn't been fatiguing either, even after several hours of wearing them.  i have a "modest" audio chain listed in my signature, maybe it's the tube in my schiit rounding out the sibilance.
just recently picked up some sennheiser HD800s, serial #25207. while the treble can be a bit much sometimes -- definitely not my go to headphones for EDM --  I haven't experienced the sibilance that everyone speaks about it, even in EDM.  im mesmerized by the imaging capability.  
you can use USB AUO on the galaxy nexus with the GLaDOS kernel
if the commit is added to CM10 or AOKP it will be for the Samsung galaxy s 3, and will likely be compatible with the galaxy note II dude to their similarity.  it could probably be ported to other devices without to much difficulty but this is not guaranteed.     it really boggles my mind why google decided to make a standard for a device, instead of going with the status quo.     edited for accuracy
  we want this support in CM10 and AOKP so that CM10/AOKP compatible devices (most of them!) are capable of using USB audio.  On the Samsung Galaxy S III USB AUO is only supported on the stock ROM/kernel.
hey guys, support this bounty to have USB audio added to CM10 or AOKP ... you don't need to add $, just show your interest! if we can show that a large group of people are dying for this feature it will more likely be added.
hey guys, just thought i'd post this here:   it's a bounty attempting to sway a developer to introduce the USB audio (external DAC support) feature on AOKP or CM10.  so far we've raised the bounty to a bit under $600.       no it does not.  it supports a google specified method where the DAC is a USB host, not the other way around.  this requires a new class of device that does not currently exist.
If I run a Galaxy S III with custom ROM and kernel, will it support an ODAC/02 combo or even an E7?
I've contacted them through their support terminal, thanks for the reassurance on my time without them!  
I've owned my Audeze LCD 2 rev.2s for around six months now, and just recently the left ear has begun to create a sort of scratchy noise at certain frequencies and just feels to under perform in comparison to the right ear.  i have confirmed that this issue is not with the source or amplifier using another source and pair of headphones as well as multiple ears.  i've done quite a bit of searching through audiophile forums as well, and such an issue is not unheard of but...
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