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I think the other thread should just be locked so we'll have this as the sole HE-400 discussion thread.
I found myself in your position a while ago, having owned the HD 280 pro and looking to upgrade to something nicer. At the time I thought the 280 pros sounded awesome, like you do but having upgraded I realize how much the 280s sound like poo. Before I upgraded headphones I bought an M-stage amp and that paired with the 280 pro yielded a very nice improvement, especially in the bass department where it becomes much tighter and better controlled.   But I ended up...
  2 months of owning these headphones and I have yet to have them unscrew themselves. I don't get the fuss here, the trick is to position the cable in place, screw the moving part slightly, and then twist the cable fairly tight, not the rotating piece. It will never come loose this way.   I just checked to see how tight it is now, and it still feels as tight as the day I bought them.
  While I do agree with you, it actually is possible to use the HE-400 in a quiet office environment so long as you keep the volume fairly low. I find that I can get some decent volume out of the headphones before they start to leak anything considerable. It's only once I pass a certain point (about 10 o'clock ok maybe 9 o'clock on my M-stage), then they begin to leak a lot. But of course this would only work if your environment is quiet, otherwise you'd need to crank it...
  Looking at those specs and knowing Sony, that must have cost and arm and a leg.   Anyway my terrible and outdated setup:   Sony Vaio FW21E Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 2.27Ghz Ati Mobility HD 3470 640GB HDD 5400rpm 4 Gig ram LCD 1600x900   Cost me a fortune at the time, about 5 years ago.
  Yeah software wise it should all be max, Windows control and your music player.
  Computer volume at 100%. Use the O2 only for volume control. Why not give us a peak at your station..
For those who may not have noticed, the Battle of the Flagships thread got updated with the HE-400 review included now. It gets praised quite well and scores a very impressive 24th place, this despite not even being a flagship headphone. You can read the review here   Makes me proud to own this headphone :)
Merry Christmas folks, here's to good food and good music!
  Im taking a wild guess here, but if you have a 3000 kbps flac it is most likely a vinyl rip at 96/24, in which case they're known to have these 'micro distortions' or noise in quiet passages. 
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