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No bass EQ here, I try not to mess with EQ anymore.
  I tried that link and pumped the volume pretty damn loud just now. I managed to go up to 5 o'clock on my M-stage which is close to ear splitting volumes ( I was worried i would blow out the drivers if I played it much longer), I only tried it a few seconds but as far as i can tell not a hint of distortion in the bass. It's really thumping. My guess is the E17 is at fault. It's a good amp/dac combo and does well with the HE-400 as most say here, but perhaps it just...
  Why not post a song which distorts for you so we can test for ourselves?
  I orderer mine on a Friday and recieved them the following Monday through Fedex from China.
  I've recently discovered Bonobo, good stuff!
Im not much of a gamer anymore, but playing Left4Dead 2 is awesome with these cans.
  Look at the definition on her.. um nevermind 
  Something you could try is switch the cables around and see if you still get the sound tilting to the right. And like Matt said make sure they're screwed tight.
  That special technology you mention are just little fairies sitting in the driver sprinkling glitter into your ears when you listen to them.
  To be fair I think you were the first to mention Beats in this thread  And im the second now!
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