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  I know for a fact it's the video card, because disabling it from the Device Manager solves the problem too. But of course that leaves me with a pitiful 800x600 res. I narrowed it down to just disabling aero so i can still use my laptop's full resolution, audio is stutter free then too. Ideally I'd like to have Aero on because the screen tearing is kind of an eye sore and the classic windows theme is kinda crappy lol But im out of ideas, this is a laptop after all so not...
  Im really considering a USB hub to use with my ODAC for different reasons. Which would you recommend? It seems all amazon listings have a fair amount of bad reviews.
Thanks dude, I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for the link, I will try that right away! Which specific processes should I look out for?
  I have a Vaio laptop and an ODAC and get the exact stutters you do. But I managed to solve it. Try this, right click on the desktop and click personalize. Try any theme from there apart from an Aero theme. That solved it for me, no hub used.
Hmm at the time I thought it made sense, but then again I don't work with PCs for a living :)   Im using a laptop though so I can't replace it. I tried the next best step which was to try different driver versions but it occurs with all I tried. Anyway Im fine with no aero, sound is my priority.
  A Dac can't just 'develop' jitter (considering no hardware damage occurred). If it started out fine for you, then something within the odac burnt out or software on your computer was to blame.   I received my ODAC about 3 weeks ago, and I had a serious clicking and popping sound which really annoyed me. I had the same problem with my old E17 too. Long story short, after many hours of troubleshooting, I discovered my graphics card was to blame. Simply switching off the...
  I believe he got that error in foobar, not winamp. Also in foobar, the very action that causes the error (selecting WASAPI Event) is setting it as the default audio device.
  What I would give for an ODAC with the usb port on the back. Having it in the front is a real hassle!
I really doubt his odac overheats. I keep mine on all day and it's ice cold right now.
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