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Yes that's the one.
  Will do, but only once Im done listening to Dark Side of the Moon. Audio bliss..
  Hmm interesting. What kind of sonic changes should I expect to hear?
And for fans of Toy Story, brings tears to my eyes.  
  That song gives me chills. Thanks for reminding me of it.
  Actually I haven't tried that. I don't even know how to.
I decided to give the pleathers a try today having never listened to them. When I bought the headphones I swapped out the pleathers for the velours straight away. Anyway I've become a master in changing the pads, 1 minute flat and I can change them both out.   As for the sound, never ever pleather again. The sound difference is so noticeable for me, and not in a good way. Something about vocals sounds so off and distant, I couldn't stand 1 minute honestly so I put...
Alright so after rereading the tutorial a few times and better analyzing the pads themselves, I have a much better understanding of how to do this.   I have a couple of questions though. After you cut the holes on the pad, doesn't covering them with the plastic mounting sort of negate that? Since you're covering the holes you cut anyway? Same thing if you decide to glue the dust screen back.   And lastly I see no sign of the plastic stopper which sits between the...
Jerg, that mod looks really promising but Im scared of trying it. Is the mounting ring glued onto the pads, so I'll need to rip it off? Same for the dust screen?
I desperately want to try this but I'm afraid of messing up. If only I could send my pair of pads to you to mod them.
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