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  I did mention I was satisfied 
  Matrix M-stage may be perfect for you, it has a nice warm sound and plenty of body. You can roll op-amps too if you're looking to adjust the sound. Cost me around 200 euro shipped from China.
My latest setup, im satisfied for now :)    
  I just re-enabled the device and the problem comes back.
  Blowing air wouldn't guarantee dislodging some badly placed hairs, they would be more tricky to get out.   Imo the trouble you could possibly cause by leaving them completely open isn't worth the little sound gains. But that's my opinion.
And possibly hair..
  I wouldn't recommend that, over time dust and skin particles will accumulate and that probably wouldn't end well.
  I had no clue! I was always using the one under Playback > Output.   The one you mention is at 10 by default, that seems quite low. Increasing it seems to give a large hit to my spectrum visualizer frame rate. Im thinking of re-enabling the device I disabled before and increasing the buffer to see if that would help but honestly I think I'll leave it the way it is. Why fix what ain't broke?   But thanks for the tip.
  Im guessing it's a result of a bad driver because when I upgraded to Windows 7 I used Windows update drivers which are sort of a "one size fits all" driver solution. Sony didn't make available certain drivers for those upgrading to Win7 from Vista which my laptop originally came with. 
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