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  Your wish is my command. Using that iPhone pic from a few pages back. Two version, one more subtle and the other more extreme.        
The best i can do is show you this pic i found online to demonstrate.       The arrows point to the ring we're talking about. You would just need to grab it and pull it right off, it's not secured. You say there is nothing left to take out, so maybe you already removed it while you were cutting off the plastic flap and dust screen.
  You're saying that it's glued to the ring? Because it is not meant to be. You should be able to pull it out because it was never glued to anything.
  Looking forward to that!
  You have everything confused here dude. We don't mean the white foam material inside the pads, but rather this thin ring that sits between the pad and the plastic mount.   Here's a (admittedly terrible) pic    
Audiophile kitty?
  I do too, it's the reason I chose the M-stage over the Little Dot MKIII at the time.
  Plenty of M-stage love here. Awesome amp for the price, pairs really well with the HE-400.    It is quite long like someone mentioned, but that suits my desk better.
  Make it three    
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