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  First world problems man..
  That honestly made me laugh more than it should have.
  Thanks for this post. I'll better compare the two pads tomorrow especially vocals, right now there's people sleeping.
  Honestly I haven't formed an opinion on the sound yet. The time I posted my impressions I had listened to maybe 2 minutes worth of music. Im just disappointed with the fit and finish (my fault probably), not so much the sound.   I'll post further sound impressions once I form a more solid opinion.   What do you make of the difference between the jergpad and the velours? Also do you think the velours have that ringing issue you mention?
  There should be, but they may cost more. The ODAC is already fantastic value.
  The e17 dac is pretty good, but ODAC is a step ahead. Better resolution.
  Sure, this picture was from earlier. I followed your pattern pretty much exactly. Don't forget i also glued the dust screen on the ring, it has that distinct super glue smell engraved into the pads now.   Yeah for sure duct tape would have made a big difference, but it is only applied on the four 'corners' of the pad and ring. The areas where tape is not applied easily separate and that's an issue.    edit: here's that the ring looks like with the dust...
So i finally finished the mod, I had to super glue the dust cover to the plastic ring, and then use sellotape to attach the ring to the pad (no duct tape in the house frustratingly). First impressions, it feels like a total hack. The sellotape just isn't strong enough so the whole pad feels like it could fall apart. Im starting to wish I didn't cut off the outer plastic ring that held together the mounting ring. These reasons alone may be enough for me to go back to...
Just thought of a possible obstacle. If I were to glue the dust screen onto the mounting ring, I wouldn't be able to tape the ring back onto the pad like shown in this thread. Is there a way short of gluing the ring onto the pad? I would prefer not to do that as it would be irreversible. 
  Another awesome song, Lisa Gerrard voice is so hypnotizing.
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