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I think I'm starting to regret signing up for this tour. There's no way I'm going to be able to live with the HE-400's vocals after I return the 400i! It just sounds so wrong now. For 499$ this headphone is a steal.
Received my pair today. Got hit with customs but luckily only had to pay 12 euros, thanks to Hifiman marking it low cost. No pictures for now since it's dark and my phone doesn't handle that well, besides we have plenty of those now in this thread :)   First impressions upon unboxing, they have a very interesting smell :) Presentation is top notch, but I had some trouble getting the damn things out the case lol. No biggie though. About the cable, I love the fabric...
Anyone had to deal with customs when getting their tour unit?
 I'm guessing because the HE-400i can be powered by portable devices, the angled connector suites those better. But the long cable sort of defeats the purpose.
So a little information from Hifiman. It is indeed confirmed that once we have finished evaluating our unit, we will be responsible for shipping it back to Hifiman. We also have the option of purchasing it directly. People from Southern Asia and Russia will ship it back to Hifiman's factory in China, and everyone else will ship to their US office. So USA folks have it good, us Europeans not so much.
For those in the tour, keep an eye out. Answers incoming from Hifiman.
 I think we'll be shipping back to China, not the US. Dunno if that makes things any better for you though! One thing I'm curious about though, will be have to pay taxes upon receiving the headphones? We didn't pay for it so is it taxable?
Guys as far as I know we will each be getting a pair. There isn't a list of people in line waiting for the previous guy, Hifiman will be sending a unit to each of us at the same time. That's why we should all be on the lookout for the mailman. I'm not sure how long we get, but I assume when we're done we send it back to Hifiman.
 I too am curious. Not much info has been given out. They told me when I received my PM on the 7th that they will send out my unit "in the next few days". It's been a week now and no word on anything. I'd really like to get it sometime this week because I'm off work for the next 7 days.
I should have a pair sometime next week, so if anybody's interested to know how it sounds off an M-Stage, you'll find out soon enough!
New Posts  All Forums: