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 Holy schiit! I'm totally loving the new design. It looks like Hifiman has improved on the shortcomings of their current lineup. Improved comfort (headband), and improved weight.  That HE-400i is probably what was discussed on this thread a while back; an improved HE-400 with it's problem areas fixed, or at least I hope so.
 Audio-GD has some wicked powerful amps for really competitive prices. You should take a look at their site, plenty of options.
 Ah ok, I'll try push it in later on. I generally don't wash my pads though so i'm not too worried though, de-linting seems like the way to go.
 I'm worrying about this too. On one of my pads the white foam is literally bursting out of the holes, perhaps because they were cut too big. I'm a little worried with time the pads will rip, and they may not make it unscathed through a washing. 
 Not me. I prefer greater lower bass extension over a slight bump in soundstage openness. The HE-400 is already a very open sounding headphone as is.
 I just took them off my head, and yep they're noticeably softer already. That's a relief! Btw these pads reminded me of how easily dust and lint stick to the Hifiman velour. It's not even 20 minutes and they've attracted some dust.
My pair of modulor jergpads finally came in today. If anyone's interested in my initial impressions you can take a look in the main jergpad thread here.
Finally my pair came in. Excellent build quality many previously have mentioned. But something strange, it seems the modulor pair is noticeably stiffer than my regular pleather pads. In fact they seem a lot like the stiff velour pads . If someone hadn't told me they were jergpads I would have mistaken them for stock velour. It kind of boggles my mind. I'm thinking it may be because they've been outside in the mailbox all day, so maybe the cold weather is to blame. I'm...
The M-stage and HE-400 is a great pairing, I've been using it for the best part of a year now. I can't tell you about the dac section though but people say it's decent. You would probably hear some slight differences between the M-stage's dac and a $200 dac.   But the M-stage's amp section is more than enough for the HE-400.
 Still waiting on my pair. So what are your initial impressions on their sound?
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