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 I wouldn't do the vent mod on the HE-400. Totally rolls off the sub-bass at the expense of a slight mid bass bump. Better off with EQ. Vent mod on the HE-500 is a.o.k though...
 If it sounds fine then you're probably ok.
 +1 I've said this before, but in my opinion, wood and headphones just don't mix. The plastic on the HE-400i makes more sense. Speaking of HE-400i, did Hifiman cancel those cans or what? Not a peep from them.
 Yeah I'm not sold on the idea of making the pads harder again. The old Hifiman velour pads are pretty damn stiff. So if we request the newer stiffer pads, do we still get the old "smaller" ones as well?
 How'd u like to pick up mine?  I'd give u a killer price.... HE-400i is very much on my radar.
I haven't tried increasing the upper mids. I'm more of a fan of a darker signature so lowering the treble spikes suits me better than raising the upper mids.
 Well their impressions seem to be in line with what a lot of people here have been saying.
If you do a search on this thread you'll see that it's been discussed a lot over the months. Awesome program it is. Btw check out signature, just something I made to make life easier for people who have many headphones/configurations...
 Am I missing something?
A small update on the HE-400i's status would be nice. It's like these headphones don't exist anymore lol.
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