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 So the HE-400 will be discontinued? That's pretty big news.
 Keep in mind the headphone does have a treble spike which can be annoying on some EDM and hip hop recordings. With a little EQ on certain recordings they are literally perfect for those genres (imo)
 They more than do the job, especially for electronic. These are the headphones for edm. Hip hop is also awesome because of the bass and lower mids (male vocals).
 An M-stage? I was always under the impression that the M-stage wasn't very powerful at all.
 Yup I fell in the same trap. Hadn't even heard of the HE-4 before purchasing the HE-400 and ended up reading about the HE-4 in the HE-400 thread later on. I wish I had done a little more research before pulling the trigger otherwise I would almost certainly have an HE-4 right now.
Thinking of selling my HE-400s as well. No fault of the HE-400 of course as I was pretty much prepared to live with them for years to come, but I just can't pass up the HE-400i with reduced weight, comfort strap, jergpad style pads and probable sound improvements all just for $100 more.
 Yeah that's a little disappointing, why leave out the HE-400i? I'm really itching to hear more HE-400i impressions.
 Honestly, if the HE-400i sorts out the sonic issues of the HE-400 (treble and upper mids) and retains it's positive aspects (speed, bass) whilst being lighter, more comfortable, and only $100 more, then Hifiman have a real winner on their hands here.
Hopefully this is the quiet before the storm...
 What an age we live in where you need to apologize for posting pics that look amazing quality wise.
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