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 When I had my HE-400, they sounded absolutely lifeless out of My HTC Desire HD. Plugged them into my M-Stage and it was normal service resumed. 
I'm looking to get back into the portable game with these headphones since they are so efficient. Anybody have any recommendations of good portable amps that work well with these cans?    I've read that the Fiio stuff has narrow soundstages. Those might not work so well with the HE-400i.
 They take it really well. A simple 5db boost in the lower region and they pretty much equal the HE-400 bass. HE-400 may still have the slight edge on extension, but it's so close it's negligible. I keep the EQ off though, I'm really starting to appreciate other aspects of the sound. The mids and treble on this can are delicious, coming from an HE-400. The HE-400 handsomely failed in this region. Female vocals are fleshed out, and sibilants are non-existent. Really glad...
Anybody had any success stretching out the headband? I'm quite sensitive to clamp, so I'll need to stretch them out a bit, but they seem a little stiffer than the HE-400 was. I'm a little scared it will snap.
 Don't quote me on this but the Stax SR-009 might sound better 
 That sort of experience can probably only be reproduced to the fullest with speakers I would think.
 Precisely. The HE-400 measures ruler flat sure, but it doesn't sound so at least to my ears. Hence my original comment that the HE-400's bass isn't more "real" than the 400i. The HE-400i's bass is more in line with the rest of the frequency spectrum. Don't get me wrong though, I'd take the 400's bass over the 400i any day of the week.
 I wouldn't say it's more real, just more elevated. The HE-400i has the more natural bass imo.
Boy was I wrong about these not responding to bass EQ very well. I gave a 6db boost to anything below 50Hz by EQing down, and I'm still picking my jaw (and ears) off the ground.   But it's not something I will keep though. One of the main reasons I bought this can is so I can change to sources without EQ available and still get the same listening experience, something I could not do with the HE-400.
 You're EQing down right? Otherwise there might be clipping. I tried EQing the bass about a month ago when I first got them, but wasn't so impressed. I'll try it again tonight though as I've grown more accustomed to the sound since then. But like others have mentioned, on a bass heavy track these things can wobble your ears.
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