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 That would be me no? Well at least I put it into practice first  My original post about the idea: And when I put my idea into practice: IIRC Jerg also credited me in his thread for the idea. So can I get a free pair of HE-560/HE-400i now Mr. Fang?  
Nice pics phillyd. I really can't get over how beautiful the HE-300's color scheme is, silver on black is my favorite color pairing for gadgets. My laptop, monitor, amp, and dac are all silver and black and the HE-300 would blend in so well. But the HE-400 will have to do :)
 Pretty fast is quite vague...what's a rough time frame? Like 1 week, 2 weeks etc?
 I'll one up you and say I'm dying for some impressions!
 I have an M-stage as well, stock opamps though. I was considering going for an Audio GD amp at some point as a replacement, but many people have mentioned how the HE-400 doesn't scale that much after a certain point so I just let it slide. The M-stage probably gets around 90-95% out of the HE-400 anyway. 
 Just a slight correction in your post Matt to avoid any confusion for new comers.
 Well you did actually say that that those problems could be solved with the pads which is a little misleading 
 That's putting it a bit harsh I think. Sure the treble is a little wild but crap isn't a word I'd use to describe the HE-400 in general.   I don't agree with this. I think the whole jergpad being some kind of magical fix is far from the truth. Yes you will notice a difference with the jargpads, but they certainly do NOT fix all those problems you mentioned. A pair of pads are not going to fix that huge spike in the treble, the HE-400 is still an HE-400 with or without...
 Don't forget the HE-400i, not much love for them with all the HE-560 talk.
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