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Yeah confirmed by the Hifiman rep a week or two ago, I would post a link but I'm on mobile. 
Don't get your hopes too high for March. It was mentioned in the CES thread that the HE-400i will come a month or two after the He-560.
 I think I've found your problem. You're using the standalone version of Electri-Q, not the posihfopit version. My standalone version is v1.8.9. My posihfopit version v1.0 Only the posihfopit version works with foobar, but you will need a VST wrapper to allow them to interface. My recommendation is this one.
 Strange. Just to make sure, you're going into Menu > Presets > Import Preset? Does it change when you select one of the ready made presets from the top of the screen? Also what version of electri-q do you have? It says in the About screen.
 Yeah the Electri-Q one should work better. Pretty obvious since you only get a limited number of bars to work with on foobar's default EQ. When you say it changes nothing, do you mean the sound doesn't change or the graphic doesn't change?
 Depends on the phone really, but yeah it can sound good out of a phone. Out of my phone however, an HTC Desire HD, it sounds terrible. Congested, muddy bass, poor volume levels, blurry treble. Much better with a dedicated amp.
 Actually the HE-400i is due out in 2 or 3 months.. it's only the HE-560 which is due next month.
 Pretty much this. The headphones will be comfortable, period. No two ways about it.
 Good news about the efficiency, yet slightly disappointing that it's still a ways off...  Hopefully that cable comes with the HE-400i too, or at least a redesigned one. The current one is really stiff.
 Exciting stuff! Any news on the HE-400i? Latest news was that it's still being tweaked. Do you think it may come after the HE-560?
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