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 Exciting stuff! Any news on the HE-400i? Latest news was that it's still being tweaked. Do you think it may come after the HE-560?
Man those HE-300s are beautiful. I really have a thing for silver on black (silver and black M-stage, odac, and laptop in my setup).    Are those aftermarket pads? They don't look like regular Hifiman pads...
 I really doubt the M-Stage can drive an HE-4 well. Thats actually an HE-400.
My station. Using an ODAC as a source but not pictured here.  
 Keep us posted. Fang should send you an HE-400i as well, because that's what I'm more interested in..... or maybe he should just send it to me. :)
 About the vocals, not to me, but then again this is my only point of reference. Hip hop and dubstep are top notch. Quote: Actually 60€ shipped is pretty damn good in the crazy world of audiophile cables
 +1 HE-400 sound with the treble smoothed out and maybe a slight upper mid bump would be fantastic. But anyway Hifiman said they're still tweaking the HE-400i's sound so we'll see.
 Sweet looking mod, I can imagine that being really comfortable.  I've been getting some discomfort on the top of my head while wearing my pair in recent weeks/months and this mod looks right up my alley. Where did you get the foam from and how did you attach it to the headband?
 Could you post a pic? I'd like to have a visual idea of where exactly it split, maybe I could be of some assistance.
 Perhaps you could sell a kidney 
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