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+ 1 Gazillion   I guess I'll jump on the bandwagon
I'm now wondering what the bundled cable will be like. Hopefully it's not as long and stiff as the current HE-400 cable.
I believe there's already a thread dedicated to HE-400i and HE-560 discussion Matt.
 Nice catch, no more cables hitting my shoulders! There doesn't seem to be anything Hifiman hasn't improved so far which is awesome. Ok ok maybe the connector types but I can live with that.
 It's bonkers to think these headphones are nearly half the weight of the LCD-X. 
I'm salivating at those pics. Very very nice looking headphones imo. Nice find jerg.
 Does Hifiman even have a headphone that doesn't sound amazing? Word on the grapevine say the HE-400i was designed with cutting costs in mind, yet it's still 100$ more than the HE-400, so I'm pretty confident it will be a decent improvement over the HE-400 sound-wise (or at least it should considering it's price point). 
Yeah things are frustratingly quiet. I don't think they'll look too funky worn though.
Looks like I'm the only one who actually likes the new design!
 Massive cups mean massive drivers which is a good thing imo. And I doubt the lack of seal actually affects the sound very much, it's not a closed can. Coaxial connectors though aren't great... hopefully they change those out before release. I'm happy they're going for the same look though, it's the Hifiman 'design' which im very fond of.
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