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 Great review. I agree with pretty much everything you've said, being a former HE-400 owner.
 The bass has improved with listening time. I don't think I've notched anywhere near 150 hours but there is an improvement. Like Matt said, they still don't quite match the 400 but it's not too far off.
Is it placebo or does the bass actually improve with listening hours? It certainly sounds like there is more bass now than when I first bough them. Or perhaps I'm better adjusted to it's sound, either way it sounds fantastic.   Totally loving the sound from these bad boys. Any doubts I had when selling my HE-400 to fund these have disappeared. 
 I ran my HE-400 off an M-Stage. It sounded fantastic and never lacked power.
 When I had the HE-400 comfort was so-so. Clamp was fine, but almost every session I would get pain on the top of my head since the padding is almost non-existent.  With the HE-400i I have no complaints whatsoever. Clamp was a little tight at first but I stretched out the headband a little and now it's perfect. And off course there are no pressure points since it's using the suspension style headband.  And lastly about the pads, the HE-400i Focus pads are softer, thicker...
 Yup, still learning the lingo  I did a search for removable knobs, but nothing came up  
Ah so it is removable, thanks for confirming. It's a little strange, at times it comes off easy and at times it requires a lot of force.
So I purchased this amp used a few days ago and got it today. Something I'm noticing is that the volume dial is very tight. I've read that it's tight in reviews, but I didn't expect it to be quite like this. Is it supposed to be really tight? Also is the volume pot meant to be removable? It comes off on mine, revealing just the metal rod.
Not necessary!yVckBB6S!ZaW7eL8U373EuYRnSzqNr1-uQ5HSmbCYg-dZa5aStR0     This is what I used until I sold my HE-400. Should be noticeably better than the last.
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