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 I wouldn't say it's more real, just more elevated. The HE-400i has the more natural bass imo.
Boy was I wrong about these not responding to bass EQ very well. I gave a 6db boost to anything below 50Hz by EQing down, and I'm still picking my jaw (and ears) off the ground.   But it's not something I will keep though. One of the main reasons I bought this can is so I can change to sources without EQ available and still get the same listening experience, something I could not do with the HE-400.
 You're EQing down right? Otherwise there might be clipping. I tried EQing the bass about a month ago when I first got them, but wasn't so impressed. I'll try it again tonight though as I've grown more accustomed to the sound since then. But like others have mentioned, on a bass heavy track these things can wobble your ears.
I sold my HE-400 a couple days ago and bought my loaner HE-400i. The HE-400i is on a different level than the HE-400 in my opinion, despite it's lesser bass.   Besides, with HifiMan's huge discount on their loaner pairs I just couldn't miss the opportunity.
  Probably something from Audeze...
 That's a bit of an exaggeration. 
 Going back and forth myself, the difference is huge to me. So much so that I feel like the HE-400 is unlistenable now.
 I too have a pm from them. At that price I simply cannot say no.
 I won't be returning them, despite having less bass than my HE-400. It's a far superior headphone imo in almost every way to give up just because of the bass.
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