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I'd be glad to, but the problem with that is that the headphones displayed in the app are hard coded in. I'll toy around with it later and see if I can find a way for it to scan all headphone configs a user has and display them.
 I use it. My settings are attached below. It's main aim is to reduce the treble peaks, which it does well imo.    I also developed a tiny app which switches easily between my APO configs. It beats having to manually edit the config files whenever I switch headphones.!HINnAJiJ!ggS_iK9cXTV5s9DU6p032EIHg7Ls1YaP6hgBf5vAjuI
 I was under the impression that they're not good with orthos, but I could be wrong.
 Yep, same on all Hifiman cans.
It would be nice if a Hifiman rep said something about the HE-400i for a change 
 Does the opamp change make much of a difference to the M-stage? I'm debating whether I should opamp roll, but I'm kind of lazy to do it.
 Nobody is going to argue with you there 
Wow some of the posts in the last few pages have been unbelievable. Calling Jerg arrogant because of an improvement he suggested (not enforced)? Whining because of delays? I'm not one to rage over internet talk but that really grinds my gears. Here we have a man dedicated to improving our eventual experience with these headphones, and even our current HE-400s/HE-500s, yet rather than show gratitude he receives the opposite?  I don't want to say anything else on the matter...
 Mods sure make them better, but twice as good? A little bit of an exaggeration. They are very decent in stock form, just the treble is really bothersome. As for the amping discussion, in my experience they come alive with a good source and amp. Straight from my phone they sound lifeless, totally vieled with no bass presence. With the ODAC/M-stage they're a totally different beast.
Thanks for the update. Very encouraging! May is not too far away, I'm really looking forward to hearing more on its sound signature. We need some info to wet our appetites...
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