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 I'll one up you and say I'm dying for some impressions!
 I have an M-stage as well, stock opamps though. I was considering going for an Audio GD amp at some point as a replacement, but many people have mentioned how the HE-400 doesn't scale that much after a certain point so I just let it slide. The M-stage probably gets around 90-95% out of the HE-400 anyway. 
 Just a slight correction in your post Matt to avoid any confusion for new comers.
 Well you did actually say that that those problems could be solved with the pads which is a little misleading 
 That's putting it a bit harsh I think. Sure the treble is a little wild but crap isn't a word I'd use to describe the HE-400 in general.   I don't agree with this. I think the whole jergpad being some kind of magical fix is far from the truth. Yes you will notice a difference with the jargpads, but they certainly do NOT fix all those problems you mentioned. A pair of pads are not going to fix that huge spike in the treble, the HE-400 is still an HE-400 with or without...
 Don't forget the HE-400i, not much love for them with all the HE-560 talk.
I'll keep the warm filter on for a while and see if I can notice the difference. No harm in keeping it on since I can't hear any downgrade either,
 I gave point 2 a try, and im A/Bing between with and without the warm filter and honestly I'm not hearing a difference. Is it subtle or noticeable for you?
 Download the install file at the end of the article here: Install it and navigate to "C:\Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins" or "C:\Program Files\VstPlugins" (depending on what Windows you have). Here is the posihfopit dll you need. Drop this file into your VST directory which you specified when you installed George Yohng's VST wrapper. Mine is at "C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\VST" btw. I specified...
 Try uninstall and reinstall it. If that doesn't help then try a different VST wrapper.
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