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 That's a bit of an exaggeration. 
 Going back and forth myself, the difference is huge to me. So much so that I feel like the HE-400 is unlistenable now.
 I too have a pm from them. At that price I simply cannot say no.
 I won't be returning them, despite having less bass than my HE-400. It's a far superior headphone imo in almost every way to give up just because of the bass.
Sweet! Do you feel the HE-400i scales with better gear better than the HE-400 does?
 Yeah Im plenty happy with it. It doesn't rumble as much as the HE-400 and slam is ever so slightly less, but it's more than enough for me. I actually think the bass has improved slightly since I first put them on. Not sure if it's in my head, but it seems to extend a little lower than at first. I'm getting more satisfaction from the bass and the overall sound the more I listen though. It's been nearly two weeks now and I'm enjoying them more and more. Maybe my brain is...
 If you listen to electronic, I would suggest the HE-400i over the 560, simply because it has more weight to the bass. After owning the HE-400 for nearly two years now, and having electronic music as my main genre in my library, I can say I have been spoiled in the electronic music department with the HE-400's bass. But imo the HE-400i does a fine job at rendering bomb-ass bass. Not as good as the 400 of course, but pretty damn close actually. Just my 2 cents of course.
After much deliberation I have decided to sell my HE-400. If anyone is interested check out my sig.
I'll be keeping the demo pair HifiMan has sent me, and selling off my HE-400. Sure, bass isn't as good, but everything else is better including comfort.   After a few days of listening to the HE-400i alone, going back to the HE-400 was a huge shock. All it's deficiencies seemed to be multiplied. Vocals sounded more distant than I had remembered, and the treble just plain hurt in certain songs with no EQ of course.   It was at that point that I decided that I can't go...
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