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Can someone please advise on how to remove the tips? I'm getting a terrible seal with the default fitted tip, but I'm scared I might tear the thing since I'm tugging quite hard.
Should be getting mine either tomorrow or Wednesday :) Excited!
I thought I'd mention, using USB Audio Player Pro, there are no distortion issues with the ODAC + GS6. It plays glitch free from start to finish.
I'm using a 1 EUR OTG cable I got off eBay, perhaps somethings wrong with yours.And in Developer Options, I enabled USB Debugging a while ago. I haven't tested it with the setting off which is the default. Also i dont recall if I changed this, but I have Prevent USB audio routing unchecked.
 I've managed to get it to work fine now. If I plug in the dac before launching the app, it will play distorted. Even if I launch the app first and then plug in the device it will play distorted. The only way to make it work right is by either launching the app first or plugging the device first (doesn't matter), then play a song for a little, then pause it, disconnect the usb cable, then reconnect it. Resuming the paused song will sound ok then. So in step format below...
 Mine is from JDS Labs too. It was working ok the first couple of times, I'll try do some further tests to see if I can get to work without distortion. I'm running 5.0.2 on my GS6 btw, I avoided the update so far because it blocks rooting.
Thanks, I'll probably place an order for it then. But it looks like ebay is my only option, directly from Japan. Im a little suspicious though, are there fakes of these IEMs?
After reading this thread I'm seriously considering buying these. I just wanted to ask, would you consider these the best in their price range? Or are there other IEMs I should also consider?
I can confirm that the Galaxy S6 works perfectly with the ODAC. I know the ODAC wasn't designed to be a portable dac, but it still works fine since it's powered over the usb cord.   So GS6 > Hiby > USB OTG > ODAC > M-Stage > headphones.   Edit: Well it was working fine the first couple of times, now the music  is severely distorted :/
Awesome thank you.
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