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Jerg, you havent yet commented on the HE-560 vs the HE-400 which you own. How does they're bass compare in terms of speed, tightness, thump, extensions, and finally you're preference. Also other aspects like soundstage, air, mids and the like.   I'm strongly considering either the HE-560 or HE-400i, but I'm not sure the HE-560's tonal balance is to my liking. I'm hoping the HE-400i will be a little darker than the HE-560 and have bass closer to the HE-400 in terms of...
 Yeah that's something I feared. I have a lot of pop/dance tracks and neutral headphones may not pair too well. I'm now more eager than ever to hear about the HE-400i's sound signature.  Looking forward to more impressions...
Jerg, do you think that with modern pop music which is usually mastered bright, that these headphones might sound harsh as a result of their extended treble?
 Agreed. The old Hifiman pads were pretty flimsy, but the ones on the HE-400/HE-500 are quite durable. I'm quite forceful when swapping pads around and they hold up well.
 Don't worry dude I trust you. I must have gotten the idea from your posts, but I believe I was the first to actually make the modded pads as you can see from my links. Anyway I didn't mean to start something lol, it's not like Hifiman will actually send the person with the original idea/implementation a pair?
 Haha I knew that sig would come back and bite me. But seriously 
 That would be me no? Well at least I put it into practice first  My original post about the idea: And when I put my idea into practice: IIRC Jerg also credited me in his thread for the idea. So can I get a free pair of HE-560/HE-400i now Mr. Fang?  
Nice pics phillyd. I really can't get over how beautiful the HE-300's color scheme is, silver on black is my favorite color pairing for gadgets. My laptop, monitor, amp, and dac are all silver and black and the HE-300 would blend in so well. But the HE-400 will have to do :)
 Pretty fast is quite vague...what's a rough time frame? Like 1 week, 2 weeks etc?
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