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 I know what you mean about boomy bass on IEMs, but these are different. They are the dark horse of IEMs imo, not so well known because they are only sold by Sony in Japan I believe, but have sound similar to custom IEMs. Mids are never overshadowed by the bass, despite the bass being elevated. Treble is a little sparkly. It's just a really fun and addictive sound signature. Anyway I don't want to go off topic too much, anybody know headphone similar to the HE-400i but...
I bought a pair of Sony XBA-A2 IEMs a few weeks ago, and honestly these are getting more listening time than my trusty HE-400i. The problem I'm having is that the Sony has an elevated bass which I'm totally loving, similar to the old HE-400. So when I go back to the HE-400i, I find it lacking in the bass and a little disappointing.   Are there any headphones similar to the 400i but just with more bass? I'm actually a little disappointed I came across these XBA-A2s...
Am I missing something? I don't see the Galaxy S6 in those lists. Didn't you say you will remove it?
Yes I understand that the lack of microSD slot is a deal breaker for many, especially audiophiles, but this thread is for usb dac compatibility. Therefore I think all phones should be considered, no matter their downfalls. There will be that small user base that still uses the Galaxy S6 or the new Note 5 and probably streams all their music. So I think for the sake of that small user base that uses the GS6 for audiophile playback (me included), it is still worth updating...
 I don't think it's fair to remove the Galaxy S6 from the list for this reason. With remote mounting you can have your entire library available on your phone no matter how little storage the device has.
Great update! Previous distortion issues with the ODAC + Galaxy S6 are fixed!
I can confirm that the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro 2 works with the Samsung Galaxy S6 with Hiby. It's certainly no audiophile dac, in fact I think audio straight out of the GS6 sounds better than the Turtle Beach, but hey it's another confirmed working DAC.   It suffers the same problem as with my ODAC though in Hiby, in that I have to disconnect it and reconnect it to fix distorted music, but it works. In UAPP it works flawlessly.   A lot of people were...
The more i listen to these, the more amazed i am at their sound. I have a HifiMan HE-400i sitting on my desk, but these are getting more listening time right now. Really good sound, and straight out my Galaxy S6's audio jack.
Actually ignore my last two posts lol. I figured out a technique to get them to sit nicely in my ears and keep dat bass. I needed to sort of twist back and forth while pushing them in.   Sounds great!
Ok ignore my last post. I managed to get them off, however now I have another question. Is it normal that I get a better seal when I press them into my ear? When I leave them unpressed I lose bass and the sound becomes thin, yet when I push them in the bass comes to life. How is the sound intended to be like?
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