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So I purchased this amp used a few days ago and got it today. Something I'm noticing is that the volume dial is very tight. I've read that it's tight in reviews, but I didn't expect it to be quite like this. Is it supposed to be really tight? Also is the volume pot meant to be removable? It comes off on mine, revealing just the metal rod.
Not necessary 
https://mega.co.nz/#!yVckBB6S!ZaW7eL8U373EuYRnSzqNr1-uQ5HSmbCYg-dZa5aStR0     This is what I used until I sold my HE-400. Should be noticeably better than the last.
 That is actually one of my older EQ configs. I've since made an improved version of it which tries to not dull the treble too much like what you mention. You may want to try that, it's somewhere in this thread.
No worries. Reading back my post, I can see how confusion can occur.
 Of course I don't consider the A2 a portable amp, just curious how a portable one can stack up to a desktop one. It sounds really promising though.
 A little better than the A2? That's surprising! I hear soundstage is more closed in on Fiios though..
 How does the E12 drive the HE-400i? I need a portable amp to pair with my iPod for a portable rig. And how much better is the Asgard 2 than the E12?
 Jerg Enhancement mod HE-400i edition... has a nice ring to it.
 +100 for Equalizer APO.  Awesome program and a must imo for the HE-400. I wouldn't only want to tame the treble in music players, but games and Youtube videos as well. I don't use the program anymore since moving on from the HE-400 but I'd strongly recommend the program to anyone. I'll have to take a look at that GUI app you posted, looks really helpful. I was editing the config file before to create my EQs which was a pain in the neck!
New Posts  All Forums: