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Man these headphones sound great. I was listening to them over the summer with the windows open and the fan running two feet next to me, and they were less than impressive. But now that it's colder, and there's no fan and the windows are closed, they sound like heaven.   Open headphones really do need quiet surroundings to get the most of imo.
 Ah. Yeah perhaps your iems are very sensitive then. A good USB dac should solve that then.
  Hmm I don't experience that. Have you tested it with another IEM?
 I use my S6 with a Sony XBA-A2 and get no hiss at all. The GS6 has a really good built in dac and amp, I shouldn't have hiss. What app do you use?
Can someone recommend a pair of full size over ear headphones that has a similar sound signature to the XBA-A2? Preferably something in mid-fi level, perhaps around $400 or so.
  It's very close to the Electri-Q version, not 100% but close enough to not hear any differences when switching back and forth. I'll probably be playing with it some more, maybe reducing the amount of bass, but for now it sounds great. Gives the low end some much needed rumble, and a little more slam in the mid-bass, not much. Note, I'm EQing down, so as not to cause any clipping, you will need to have your amp volume pot turned higher to get to similar volumes without...
 It's almost ready, I'll have it up soon.
Experimenting with bass boost on the HE-400i. I had a taste of bass heavy iems recently and now I find the 400i lacking. My config below, sounding really juicy  The bass doesn't bleed into the mids at all which is awesome, reminds me a little of the HE-400, but without the piercing treble!       I'll also be creating an EqualizerAPO version as well. I'll post that if anyone's interested.
The HE-400i isnt lacking in bass imo. I actually upgraded from the old HE-400 and still found the 400i bass just fine, im just finding myself craving a little more bass now.I like to always have one full size can and one portable hence why selling my 400i is out of the question unless i can replace it with something similar, but like i said i may just opt for EQ since they are so close to perfect as is.
Im referring to the whole bass spectrum. In the end i might have to settle with EQ, but honestly i prefer to avoid it since I cant use it on all my devices.
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