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After reading this thread I'm seriously considering buying these. I just wanted to ask, would you consider these the best in their price range? Or are there other IEMs I should also consider?
I can confirm that the Galaxy S6 works perfectly with the ODAC. I know the ODAC wasn't designed to be a portable dac, but it still works fine since it's powered over the usb cord.   So GS6 > Hiby > USB OTG > ODAC > M-Stage > headphones.   Edit: Well it was working fine the first couple of times, now the music  is severely distorted :/
Awesome thank you.
Do you guys recon there's any difference in sound quality when playing music in Hiby straight from the smartphone's SD (local) vs over the network (LAN)? Hiby has a music streaming feature that suits me better since I can't fit my 100GB library on my 32GB phone. Sorry if it's a little off topic, but there are a lot of knowledgeable people here who will probably know the answer.
Yes I have. But reading this thread and looking at the list of smartphones with supported dacs, the Galaxy S6 isn't mentioned at all.
So I guess the Galaxy S6 doesn't support USB audio? The list is missing the S6.
Glad it works fine now!
 Despite solving my issue like described earlier in this thread, I actually recently bought a PCIe usb extension card because my laptop was lacking usb ports. Turns out the extension card usb ports worked just fine for audio, no clicks or pops. So fingers crossed hopefully it works for you too.
 I got my pair for 280 euro brand new from Hifiman, which is almost half price. Not bad :)
Well no use opening a new thread on the same topic right? Interesting findings there, hopefully it's useful to someone. 
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