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I have a much clearer image of how they compare now, thanks!
Ok after a little more digging it appears as though the low prices from their site are for used pairs. The new ones are regular price 1570EUR.
 Thanks for your impressions. From how you describe the differences, it sounds as though I'd prefer the EL-8O's sound signature more. I'm a big EDM fan, as a big chunk of my recent music is made up of that. I also enjoy hip hop, basically anything with a nice deep bass line. The HE-400i has been great to me, and I really do love it's sound, but I find myself craving a little more bass extension ever since selling my old HE-400. If you don't mind, could you go into a little...
We'll that's disappointing. The sound sig of the pre-fazor LCD sounds more appealing to me. Can we deduce from the serial number if it's pre fazor or fazor?
Hadn't noticed that thanks. I'm actually more interested in the LCD2 so I was actually going to ask them if they could order a pair from Audeze for me and how much they would charge. Does audeze actually sell pre-fazor units as that's what I'm more interested in?
Hmm well these prices are listed on their website. They don't list the serial numbers. I'll try contact them and see if they can provide that info.
I have found the open EL-8 online brand new for 490 EUR. I was thinking of replacing my HE-400i with these. Would this be considered an upgrade and how good of a deal is this?
 That's quite unlikely seeing as these are official distributors of Audeze in my country.
I found these headphones online brand new for 1031 EUR. How good of a deal is this? Seems really good to me.
  My next audiophile purchase will be an air conditioner 
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