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So far everything said about this headphone has been great, everything but the bass extension. It's been mentioned that it doesn't have the same bass extension as the he-400. Just how much worse is it? Is it that noticeable, would I notice it in music? I believe the he-400 rolls off around 35 hertz, in comparison where would the 400i roll off?
So hopefully we start getting some impressions finally on these headphones since the show has started. Hard to believe that after all this time we still haven't gotten any real impressions on these cans other than the generic "it's tuned like an HE-500".
 Most praise should go towards nicholars, he imo created the best treble fix eq setting, mine is just a slight alteration to his.
 Straight from the horse's mouth! Thanks
Well then it seems like it's a non-issue then! I was just curious cause nobody mentioned it recently, not even Hifiman.
So since the new images came out, nobody said anything about the whole "yokes scraping the wood" issue. It doesn't seem like hifiman revised the yokes so I assume the issue will remain?   Btw, I'm loving the new design.
 EQ is most definitely the best way (most accurate) to smooth out the peaks. It allows you more precision to flatten the specific areas you find bothersome.  Sure there are people, like myself originally, who aren't/weren't too fond of using EQ but I quickly realized that I can get the sound exactly how I like it, so I went for it and couldn't be any happier.
 Quickly, edit your post before Hifiman read it and delay the phone again!
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