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Glad it works fine now!
 Despite solving my issue like described earlier in this thread, I actually recently bought a PCIe usb extension card because my laptop was lacking usb ports. Turns out the extension card usb ports worked just fine for audio, no clicks or pops. So fingers crossed hopefully it works for you too.
 I got my pair for 280 euro brand new from Hifiman, which is almost half price. Not bad :)
Well no use opening a new thread on the same topic right? Interesting findings there, hopefully it's useful to someone. 
 I have an iPod 6.5G + E12 as my portable rig. I haven't heard the Fiio X5 but I'd assume changing the source (Dac) wouldn't affect the sound that much.
 E17 is alright if you're looking for a DAC Amp combo. E12 is better as an amp, though it doesn't have a DAC section.
Swspiers, your HE-400i review made it to the front page in-case you didn't know. Well deserved too.
 Great review. I agree with pretty much everything you've said, being a former HE-400 owner.
 The bass has improved with listening time. I don't think I've notched anywhere near 150 hours but there is an improvement. Like Matt said, they still don't quite match the 400 but it's not too far off.
Is it placebo or does the bass actually improve with listening hours? It certainly sounds like there is more bass now than when I first bough them. Or perhaps I'm better adjusted to it's sound, either way it sounds fantastic.   Totally loving the sound from these bad boys. Any doubts I had when selling my HE-400 to fund these have disappeared. 
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