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I am selling my A2 + E12 so if anyone is looking for a great pairing, check out my sig. I can sell separate though.   They sound awesome of course, but with my left ear condition where I overproduce wax, IEMs can cause blockages.
 Not sure how good the amp section on that is. I think a warm amp is best suited for the HE-400i, like the one im using, the M-Stage. It gives the lower end a little bit more life, just a little.
 I don't think it will be a significant upgrade. IMO the DAC has least influence in the sound chain, with the amp and headphone influencing the sound the most. Don't get me wrong, it has an effect, but not as pronounced as an amplifier can be. What you want from a DAC is for it to be as neutral as possible, and the ODAC succeeds in this. With that said, I use an ODAC with my HE-400i and it pairs great. If I were you, I would keep the ODAC, and use the money on good amp...
 I know the HE-400i, and all previous HiFiman cans get a bad rep for their screw on cables, but I have never had a problem not once with both the HE-400 and the HE-400i in the 3+ years of owning both of them. The key is to pre-twist the cable before screwing it, so when it is finally screwed on there is no tension at all. It's this tension which can cause them to loosen up over time, so try make sure there is no tension by using the pre-twist technique. And make sure to...
Hi,   I'm looking to see if there is any interest for my pair of IEMs from Sony, the XBA-A2. I bought them four months ago from this forum, brand new and sealed at the time. They are 4 months old and have been used sparsely so needless to say they are in perfect condition. They have a total of perhaps 10 hours. They sound great, but I am discovering that IEMs may not be for me.   They come with the original box and all original contents, which include one extra cable...
 No doubt the music will sound better with time, whether it be actual hardware burn-in or brain burn-in. I'm quite eager for some comparisons between the two headphones. I was looking at Audeze recently, I'm really curious if the LCD2 is a worthwhile upgrade over the 400i.
 I don't have the XBA-A3, but I have the A2. Not sure how similar they are, but I can say in comparison with the HE-400i, the A2 is a bass monster. I really like it's signature overall, nice deep and hard hitting bass, the mids are a little recessed compared to the HE-400i, and treble is decent and never hurts. HE-400i has it beat in soundstage (obviously), clarity, mids, and treble. Bass is more neutral on the Hifiman, but doesn't go as low as on the A2. Not sure how much...
This thread blew up! Welcome new HE-400i owners and enjoy.   I was one of very first to receive the HE-400i right before it released through Hifiman's HE-400i tour. Loved them then, and still love them today.
 Thanks for the heads up on the new Phutureprimitve stuff. I loved some of their older tracks.
 Yeah they should, however the company appears to have another similar, yet more up to date site where they have more information. Why they have numerous sites however, I don't know.
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