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@ZverMetel   No Flac, but I need it for the SD3 ... with the H3 I got a perfect paring without !
Many thanks to iBasso and Lurker0 for this new firmware.   Enjoying the perfect sound when pairing with the Sony H3 and also the new 10 bands equalizer with the Inear SD3 !   At least to my ears
Opeth - Pale Communion   
Finally the headphone output on this phone is really disappointing, here the review from GSMARENA : Great audio output but not without some flaws The Oppo Find 7a audio output is certainly among the cleanest we have seen when the smartphone is connected to an active external amplifier. Posting excellent scores top to bottom in the first part of our test, the Find 7a was also nicely loud, producing one of the best performances out there. Plugging in a pair of headphones...
 You have a great combo with the SD3, I have received my new silver plated cable, sound clarity and details improve slightly, basse are also more controled, I was thinking that my old and greenish original cable is degrading the sound a lot. The only downside I have with the new cable is some microphonics, but for me it's acceptable, really enjoying again my SD3 with the DX90  Keep us informed about the repeating scanning issue at boot time with the 128G Sandisk, it's my...
For me the SD-3 need a silver cable to shine, I received mine and very happy with it, basse are slightly tamed and more controlled with a touch of clarity in the whole signature.
For me soundstage is also larger, separation is on par,  but I use a DX90 with the H3 and impressions can vary depending on the used DAP and impedance matching. Any way they are an hybrid IEM and for me it was a clear update compared to the XBA4. The only downside for me is isolation.
What are you saying ? I can not hear very well   
 For me in the bass departement and high they are a clear update, isolation is better with the XBA4.
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