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I will give a try as soon as the new image is uploaded this evening, thanks a lot for this version of Rockbox !   
Thanks for your feed back on the bundled earphone, personally I finished buying an iBasso DX90 and keep my "old" 3G Note2 for the moment. Now I have time to collect more feedback on this nice smartphone .
@SyedZ2ez4 I have noticed no differences apart the fonts and the shorter startup time.
@Lurker0 I like the new fonts and startup time, thanks to share  
If they are fake they have an impressive amount in stock !    999 Units in Stock   Maybe they may have made ​​a massive purchase of 1000 IEM to obtain this competitive price?
When I add an album I just play it one time through the browser directory and doing this is added to the library, I not do a scan, only after a firmware update or when to many albums are added.   Edit : I just play one song
 Yes !
After a more accurate session at home with my beloved known tracks, I noticed a slight change in the signature as borrego say.   But for my well used ears it's note so easy at all to define the change, I just dont the have the capacity, as a long time musician I focalise always on music    This for say that for me is not a big change and sound quality is globally better, slight tuning and signature change, mids are a bit more clearer for me now, for bass I can't say to...
Solid update for me, nothing to complain about this firmware with my IEM, XBA-H3 at the moment. If the sound has changed, it's a subtil change and for the better to my ears.    This DAP sound really good and the XBA-H3 pairing is top notch for me 
Check also if DX90 USB settings are set to storage mode.
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