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@NZ For me is good to have the better DAC possible before rooting the phone and using it with quality DSP   If you can choice between the Asian version of the S5 or the EU/US, which one you would order for audio listening ?   For me the DAC implementation is not everything, at the moment all phones are missing a good headphone amp, this is why I allways try to use quality software DSP (V4A at the moment) to compensate this fact and find an acceptable signature for my...
As I read, the Octo Exynos Galaxy S5 with the latest Wolfson DAC will be only available for the Asian market I keep for the moment my lovely V4A Wolfson Note2, but I need a new LTE phone for my new ilimited 4G subscription, I also want the best DAC/HO possible before changing
At the moment I'm in the dark side of the bass, I'm using InEar SD-3 with Viper4Android and dynamic bass to crush the already bassy SD3 !   Pleased to be at the bass lounge
@darkan Thanks again for this good news, I think this will be my next DAP, I'm watching for is availability at MP4Nation before pushing the order button  
 Thanks it's a good news for me   I have one last question is cover.jpg files supported or planned to be supported in a future firmware release ? All my library have one jpg file in the album directory ... for me is just an inconvenience if not, many good things with this DAP, thanks in advance.
Quick question is the X5 keeping the battery charge when used in USB DAC mode ?
@soundblast75 Because we are all different and for me it will replace my iBasso D7 with a better IEM amp (hop so)    The X5 is Audio USB 2.0, its just in order to make the right choice corresponding to our need or wishes. If the DX90 is not Audio USB 2.0 I will just order an X5, now we have a great choice in DAP and every one can be happy  
If this DAP is not USB Audio 2.0 compliant, linux users have less hope to get a driver    I would like to play high res files at home on my ubuntu workstation and FLAC on the go. I'm waiting for confimations before ordering an X5 or DX90.   Edit : USB Audio 2.0 is natively supported in the kernel by OSX and Linux. Only Windows need a driver.
 The iBasso D7 use XMOS Audio, plug and play with Linux and Mac, hope it will be the same.
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