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@Dexter the XDX3 has only bass treble controls using Rockbox.
 Not for the moment, but I have used the latest version for about two hours, I will let you know if I have the same problem with my FLAC files, I have encountered no problem using this firmware. Thanks again XVortex for this really good implementation of Rockbox.
That really cool, thanks a lot XVortex !!!
Yes and I don't miss also the analog potentiometer of the volume that took dust 
Agree with you Riolist, the Xduoo X3 is a really good replacement for my beloved S:Flo2, for me the sound is better and with the Rockbox firmware it's just awesome !
Thanks charleski !   I only use Rockbox and it's done, is really easy to update ;) Anyway I have only FLAC at 44khz and the sound is really really good, for me is the best pairing that I could hear for the SD3 at the moment, much better than with the DX90 and my others DAP !   I feel lucky, because I use a lot the SD3 for the fit and isolation i get with this IEM and now it shine with the X3 and Rockbox  
Really pleased with this player, I've been listening on it for two days now and am amazed by the audio quality of this little device.   I'm used to the iBasso DX90 and the X3 doesn't disapointed me at all, I listen on it with the InEar StageDiver SD-3.   Rockbox was allready prepared on my memory card when I received it and the installation take me about 5 minutes, including the update and the creation of the database.   The UI is fast with a lot of options if you...
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