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 The iBasso D7 use XMOS Audio, plug and play with Linux and Mac, hope it will be the same.
Viper4Android work on the M8 !   Both FX and XHiFi confirmed working on HTC One M8. Push as system app
@ SilverEars Yes the Cowon J3 for example with the Wolfson DAC.   No BBE are software ... 
Thanks nc8000,  is an hardware equalizer (DAC implementation) or software ?
Quick questions, currently there is a bass boost on this beautiful DAP ? I like listening at low volume with good bass ...   Any date or confirmation about the USB DAC functionality ? Thanks in advance for your responses !   Edit: It will be charging or keeping the charge when in USB DAC mode ?
Thanks feedtheducks but I was talking about network speed (4G/LTE) sorry for not to be more explicite, I continue to try to get audio informations for the Find 7 !   Edit : From Gizchina review Audio on the Find 7a is amazing both through the rear speakers and the included earbuds. The Maxx Audio feature is especially worthwhile for anyone who enjoys music on the go. When I first gave it a go it really was a ‘Wow’ moment!   It's promising, hope we have more audio...
Oui :)  Hope we see more review and audio feedback, I'm watching the web for finding feedback on the Find 7 (Oppo and XDA forums...)   I need a LTE phone but I dont want a crappy heaphone output with noise  At the moment I'm really happy with my Wolfson Note2 and Viper4android but I missing speed !
New Headfonia review of the SD2/3 :   If you want to stick to universals but you also want a more than good fit and you want to enjoy top quality sound, then you really have to demo the Inear StageDivers. After you’ve listened to them you will understand why they are getting so much praise world wide.
@callej For me yes, they are easy to drive on my Note 2, to much volume I have to reduce -14dB the output with Viper4Android.
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