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This is normal, this is the best firmware version available at the moment for people wanting bit perfect with their DX90 :)
I have a legit Samsung battery and I have also listened a few times the crackling noise. One time in the middle of a track after navigating in the interface, it never happened to me when listening without touching the player.
 You update it normally through the advanced setting menu after copying the image (not the zip) on to the DX90 internal memory. Done a factory reset after the first boot and rescan your library. Yes your are able to go back doing the same.
@Lurker0 I like your modded firmware :) Thank a lot !
 That fine and is good to know, thank a lot  
RB is playing well for me, good sound and the dual boot is really nice    I have an issue with the USB, I don't see the storage, internal and SD, in Linux (Fedora and latest Ubuntu) I'm getting a "was not an MTP device" error message, with windows 7 an error messages about driver installation failure and no storage also, I have to boot on the iBasso player in order to copy my albums, I'm missing a setting in RB ? (I have done a factory reset after the...
I will give a try as soon as the new image is uploaded this evening, thanks a lot for this version of Rockbox !   
Thanks for your feed back on the bundled earphone, personally I finished buying an iBasso DX90 and keep my "old" 3G Note2 for the moment. Now I have time to collect more feedback on this nice smartphone .
@SyedZ2ez4 I have noticed no differences apart the fonts and the shorter startup time.
@Lurker0 I like the new fonts and startup time, thanks to share  
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