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Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys The B-52s by The B-52s OK Computer by Radiohead Doolittle by Pixies Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
I'm tired of having to adjust the volume on my DAP every time I play a new album. Is there a program I can download that'll match the volume of all my tracks before I put them on my DAP? I'm using a mac.   Cheers! Fredo
Is the W30 the only update that is actually sonically different than it's counterpart? I thought the new series was only a cosmetic update...
I suffer from a similar malady, I can't hear the difference between gold plated diamondium cables and plain ol' copper. Guess I need more practice deluding myself. Got any pointers?
Is there any chance that this tour will be extended to other areas of the Northwest? Idaho perhaps??
Just scored one yesterday. Thanks for the offer though.
I have legal US currency that I'm willing to trade for an Ibasso DX90   If you've got one for sale, hit me up.   dolla dolla bills y'all!!!
Earsonics SM64 Westone UM3X Earsonics SM3 Westone 4 Phonak Audeo PFE 132 Klipsch S4
You got a PM
GONE!   I'm taking offers on this bad boy. I'm not setting a price. Even your insulting lowball offers will be heard!   Hifiman HM801 I'm the original owner, but all I kept was the unit and the charger. You'll also get a 32gb SD card. Everything is in fine shape.
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