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Got a couple iPhones for sale. The iPhone 6 is on Sprint and is the gold version 64GB. SOLD   The 6 Plus is silver, on AT&T, and is also 64GB   The 6 Plus has a few minor dings and the 6 has one scuff on one corner.   Both phones come with their original boxes and all original accessories. I took pictures of the damage in question but I'm happy to take more pictures if necessary.   iPhone 6 - asking $475 plus actual shipping and paypal fees. Shipping will be USPS...
^^ That's not creep at all
All PMs have been replied to. Sorry about the delay, fellas. 
I'm selling my lovely Earsonics SM64. It's been well looked after and comes with everything you see in the pic.  Bottom dollar price is SOLD!! plus paypal fees and actual shipping. If you live in the US and are cool with sending payment as gift then your final price is SOLD!!! If you live in the US and ain't cool with gift payments than you're final price is SOLD!!! I will ship overseas but you'll have to either pay for USPS Express International or send payment as...
Hey guys, I've been wanting to own one of these clunky bastards for a while now. I remember when they were all the rage a few years ago. Back then I was like, "that's dumb." But now I'm like, "that's not that dumb."   So yeah, hit me up if you got one for sale. 
Selling my beloved SM64 IEMs. They were well taken care of and come with everything you see in the pictures. Asking $325 plus PayPal fees. Let me know if you have any questions. I love you guys.
Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys The B-52s by The B-52s OK Computer by Radiohead Doolittle by Pixies Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
I'm tired of having to adjust the volume on my DAP every time I play a new album. Is there a program I can download that'll match the volume of all my tracks before I put them on my DAP? I'm using a mac.   Cheers! Fredo
Is the W30 the only update that is actually sonically different than it's counterpart? I thought the new series was only a cosmetic update...
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