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Bump. I forgot to mention this earlier but I used the a-jays three before this, so I also want a good level of clarity and more kick in contrast to the a-jays
How does the sony mdr ex310 sound? There aren't many reviews for it around here :/
Any other suggestions? I'm also taking in the MH1C's, ATH-CKS77, Sony MDR-XB90EX
Do you have a link with fast shipping for the mh1c's
How about the v sonic gr02 bass edition?
How does the xba 1 (79) compare with the gr06 (119)?
As stated in the title, I'm looking for a pair of iem's for under $100 preferably ~80. I generally listen to progressive house, electro, dubstep and would like some suggestions for iems that have more punchy or tight bass with crisp highs as well. Also, I live in Australia, so prices may be a bit different.
I checked a review on the etymotic HF5 and the build quality was a bit poor.. Thanks for the suggestion, I might settle for the xba 1 but I'll just wait for some other responses before I decide..
I mostly listen to electro and bass oriented music but I appreciate some balance for my audio, i was listening to them with my a-jays three until the jack for the a-jays started breaking, so now I'm looking for a new pair of iem's for around $90 and under.   So far I've seen positive reviews for: Ultimate Ears 600 Sony XBA-1 T-Jays Three Fischer Consonance Which I am considering, but am not sure which would best suit my needs.   Some other suggestions...
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