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They don't have filters; it's ok.
Just got mine recently. I find the large triflanges terribly uncomfortable but the small triflanges (the "frost tips") are actually very comfortable and isolating. Using shure olives with mine for the little extra isolation, comfort and wee bit more bass (I think). If you want clear vocals I think you'll be really impressed by the HF5 :D
Just wondering about the replaceable filters in the HF3/HF3 (I'm assuming they're the same) - how often do you normally have to replace them? Also, I notice only one extra set comes in the box... are these the same filters as in the ER4 line? It's easier to find those online.
Man, would have loved bluetooth A151! Haha :D
What bi-flanges do you use?   My HF3s arrived today! I've been waiting for them for so long, and indeed, they are just awesome. I remember when I went down to a store and decided to try them, I was pretty sure I wouldn't like them because they were supposedly "analytical" like the RE0s, and I really didn't like the RE0s (I'm not a basshead, but the bass on those... just too anemic for me). So glad I gave them a shot, because they sound fantastic. And so much cheaper than...
Ah crap. They'd better not do that to me, considering how my order for the 8320 (also incidental like yours, since I happened to visit the product page that day) turned into some huge order with lots of other stuff thrown in. I'm even using a package forwarder to get my stuff to me (out of the US) at slightly more reasonable shipping rates, so I'll be pretty upset if they forgot my 8320s...  
Amazon also had the cobalt HF3 for sale at $99 a few weeks ago, actually.
  Wow, and free international shipping too :o has anyone else ordered from this place before?
I believe klipsch stems are much smaller than the TF10's...
Do these come in other sizes? I clicked the "other sizes" link in their ebay description but it just brings me to their store where they don't appear to have sizes other than "sony UE" :( I'm looking for shure/westone/etymotic size.
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