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Shows how much of a newbie you are, that's rule 5, 9, and 11.....
How has this not sold? This is a great price for a quality cable
Temporary Price Drop, Need to sell item fast
This is for the sale of a 4 foot RCA to mini plug silver cable.    Looking to make a quick sale right now.
cables be droppin like flies man. This is a great sale. 1 IEM cable left guys.  Also, I have a pure silver Headphone Lounge Cable that is a L-R RCA to straight 3.5mm male plug. I think it's 4-5 feet in length. I'll be posting details on it later tonight but if anyone is interested, please let me know
2 iem cables sold. price drop on hd 600 cable
Sold the Audeze Cable
added cable information to original post
Teflon insulated Nucleotide IEM cables: 52-53" PE Insulated Nucleotide IEM Caale: 58.5"   Peptide Audeze cable: 52" with XLR and Audeze connectors   HD600 cable: 3' terminated with an XLR plug
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