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Yep, it is what it is. I figured it was worth noting that they had so many possibilities. 
I am sorry for you, but I doubt you will find such a firmware change. You see, the screen and the board have their own firmware flashed to them. The board is the one that can be user upgraded. The screen firmware must be upgraded at the factory/manufacturer as it requires the unit to be opened. The reason we have some options like SSM in the menu for the Filter Mode is because they needed to have it available for when the board is updated to support that function. This of...
Anyone got the S2 in NYC area? I would love to compare between the S1 and S2 and see what the difference is.
I wish I were able to test this but have no items that accept the XLR's from the back as inputs. Can you guys try and keep everyone informed if an actual defect was found that would affect everyones units? Thanks
One cable sold, one left. Please PM if interested
I guess I should throw in my own two cents here.   I for one liked the old chassis. Some people say the Pulse didnt look great compared to its competition but for most of us, we are not going to own the competition if we have and like the Pulse unit. The new chassis is odd. I liked it up until the screen got huge. I am not sure what the point is of it when the current screen on my X Fi is perfectly sufficient.    As for other products from LH Labs, they're just okay or...
Hey guys, just saw that from the official website the Rockets are on sale for $199 http://aurisonics.com/   Also, if you wanna know first, they are apparently taking sign ups for a mailer that will go out when the Bravo series launches: http://aurisonics.com/bravo/
Bought these two cables but planning to get the 2G cable instead. These cables are unused, only taken out of box to confirm length.  Asking what I had to pay for them. $85 a piece. That will include shipping cost. I expect you to cover paypal fees. I got these for $80 a cable plus shipping, I would take $80 if you cover paypal fees and exact price of shipping if that is your desire. Update: One cable sold. Updated listing name to indicate new quantity Update 2: I...
New Posts  All Forums: