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Bought it for use at work, decided to get the Massdrop Grace Design M9XX instead as it does not use a battery. The Mojo is in great condition and comes in the original box. I am the first owner, only about 30-45 days old.   To be clear, this unit has no problem with the battery, I just hate remembering to charge it every 2-3 days at work and to make sure the battery lasts its longest, i do not charge and listen at the same time, which means I have times where I do not...
Good suggestion, I contacted the retailer and they are out of stock but say the order they have might be backordered. I am awaiting to hear from them. I am within the 30 day return window for amazon. I might just see if I can return and buy a new pair. but I think the warranty way might be best if I cannot find all the box materials (not sure if I have them, its been a busy month).
I have been enjoying my pair of DT1770's but I find that one side of the headband seems to pop out. like the material underneath the padding for the headband seems to end before the plastic pieces on that side. If I unscrew the two screws on each side do you think I will easily be able to fix this without disrupting anything else?     In that second picture, you can see that whatever the material is underneath the headband is, it seems to end before the plastic. 
 I just bought a unit second-hand but, looking at the output ratings on Massdrop page, it seems that the biggest difference you will notice will come from the use of low impedance headphones. The higher impedance headphones you use, the less margin of difference the two power levels have. I have only about 2 hours of usage on mine and have not tried the high power level, but I am using 250 Ohm and 320 Ohm headphones so I am not expecting a huge difference in power/drive. I...
looking for a nice replacement cable and havent seen anything available so I figured I would ask instead. PM me if you have a spare cable I can buy.
I was trying to figure this out for certain. It says that Windows USB will only support up to 346Khz. So that means it cannot support DSD playback even with jRiver?
Do the Zen 2.0 benefit from Burn In? I just got my pair and listening with a Mojo at work and its quite nice. Feeling satisfied with the purchase but they are brand new and wondering if they will perhaps get better with age like most of my other headphones
With this being the case, what would you recommend to help isolation when using a laptop that's plugged into the wall most of the time. I use my Mojo at work and have a dedicated machine just for my music listening purposes.  Also, what would you recommend in terms of when to charge  or use the device while charging? Is it safe to charge while listening without causing problems to the battery? or is it better to let it drain and charge while not in use?
I am looking for one of the short Lightspeed cables meant for a computer to a micro-USB port that was a part of the Geek Out V2 campaign. I have not seen any listings of people selling them so I am making this listing to try and find one that is not being used by someone that is willing to sell it to me.
the USB filters, would seem the most beneficial. It sounds like the best input is Optical if you are wanting best ground isolation/sound. I was using my Mojo with a simple cable before but now gonna use the Jitterbug I have to see if I hear a difference. 
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