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I wish you luck with whatever gear you get. I felt it was time to chime in on this unfolding situation. I am sorry that you are not satisfied, as I am sure plenty of folks share your pain, but try contacting LH Labs about this and see what they can do about maybe trading in your credit for something they have in stock now that you can instantly get a return on your investment from. I have found LH Labs to be quite open to suggestions and maybe thats part of the reason they...
What DAC is in this? is it still available?
Where are you located?
Interesting, I guess I forgot about that. So a CD Transport that has digital output has to have an ADC unrelated to the laser needed to read the disc. 
This thread is highly entertaining. I cannot wait to find out what Schiit comes out of this Schiit. I am just going to put it out there now that I will probably want whatever comes out, and likely it wont be in Black, as much as I want it to be.    It is interesting to think about such abstract clues. We really are in for a treat whenever the news comes out. I will be waiting as patiently as possible until that happens, and reading all the ideas floating around with a...
But a laser reading the record would be outputting digital signal as it needs to interpret grooves
Will the 9V iPower work with this item? http://www.box-designs.com/main.php?tech=cdboxs&cat=source&lang=en It says the original power supply outputs 9v/2.000mA but that the unit itself draws 300 - 1.500mA so I am a bit unsure. It would make sense that it could work just fine. Any thoughts?
I can happily say you have, at least in my opinion. I love mine. Hope you enjoy them
Darn, so its not a less expensive version of that. I guess I gotta start saving up, that's a hefty price tag
I much prefer thinking a turntable that uses a laser to scan grooves and output digital signals to a DAC instead of using a needle. Just me?
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