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I'm gonna see if I can come, not 100% but I might just pop in around auction time and stuff. I have a doctor appointment that should end at 12, so I could onyl come for the second part if I come at all EDIT: If I come, I may or may not have my Geek Pulse X by then. I would bring it with me if I get it by then.
does the mod affect bluetooth playback? or is only wifi affected?
Unit is in great shape, will post pictures later. It's been lightly used but dormant for last few months. I want to free up some money to get some new gear.    This thing will come fully equipped with all the accessories you need. here they are: Spare Charger (Added a photo of it. It's a smaller charger that was meant for the Surface RT but will maintain charge and perform a slightly slower recharge speed to the Surface Pro. Its perfect for travelling and leaving the...
I will post pictures tonight. I am thinking about getting a AK100 II as the screen has been a bit too small for me on my RWAK100. I love it but I have large hands and need something with a bigger interface. I do not know the exact price these are going for, but I am willing to take a reasonable offer, and have set my expectations pretty fairly from what I can tell.   Pictures of the unit tonight. 
Item is still available for sale
Lightly used, maybe 150 hours on them. In great condition and comes with all the accessories and the exoskeleton case.    Not looking for a trade.   Continental US sale only.    Will post pictures later in the day
This list is clearly listed by the last date it has been updated. I am no longer maintaining this list as I do not have the time to review it all and add new additions in the market. I originally made this listing when I was in the market for a CIEM cable and decided to take the time to do a little bit extra to give it to the community at that point in time. 
Sale Pending
I got 1 of each type during the Kickstarter for these and really dont need this unit since I mainly use IEMs nowadays. Unit has never been plugged into a USB port, It's that new. I am willing to test it for anyone interested that may be concerned.   Not looking for a trade. You cover paypal fees, I cover shipping. 
It has only a 100 hours of usage on it and I added some anti-vibration rubber legs to the bottom. My unit is the black version   This unit was bought within the last 6 months from this site:   It is in very good condition, will post pictures soon   PRICED TO SELL! I handle shipping costs, you cover Paypal fees, let's make a deal   not interested in a trade
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