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I am actually looking at it for a secondary DAC. I use a Metrum Musette for my main but I use my laptop for music and my desktop to game and I have a mixer combine the two signals together. I find the desktop audio is dirty, very easy to hear the problems and an external DAC fixes it so I was thinking if I got the dac1101 then I could use it for my Desktop for my games and then as a portable DAC when travelling.
You're thinking of the DIY board. The dac1101 is an actual product with the dac on a custom board that is in an enclosure and has a USB input. 
I own the board and I find with an external amp it is a bit staticky. I have sought a USB DAC now.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
Doesn't really solve the problem elegantly. Just moved the problem 12"Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
I might be late but I've been away for a while. Does anyone have a recommendation for a third party power supply for the Modi Uber and Multibit that is more power outlet friendly? I am interested in getting one of the units but, that's my only issue. The damn power supply. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
Anyone try this thing yet?
I had mine redone before I sold them. Had a leathersmith redo them but I'm in the US. Its not too hard to find deent shape CD850's or the other models that share the same headband and use them for spare parts.
Light usage, maybe 5 hours in 6 months that I've owned it. Bought it new, looking to free up some cash on gear I just do not use. Nothing wrong with it, love it but do not have CDs laying around my new apartment to make use of this unit.   Unit contains original power adapter, remote, box and CD Player as pictured.   Unit has internal DAC but also can be used as a transport with its SPDIF output. It is great for those that want a dedicated unit for CD playing. The...
so any upgrade program available? would lvoe me  ashirt and upgraded power supply.
Hello everyone,   I am new to this sub-section of the Head-fi forums but I hope I am not pissing anyone off by starting a help thread.   I am revising my setup a little and while I love my external DAC for serious listening, I just want a sound card to use with a small mizer I have to take my laptop audio and game audio and mix them together.   What I am looking for: 2 Ch or 5.1 Ch Real clocks (not just a single clock, but one for 44.1 based rates and one for 48...
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