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Light usage, maybe 5 hours in 6 months that I've owned it. Bought it new, looking to free up some cash on gear I just do not use. Nothing wrong with it, love it but do not have CDs laying around my new apartment to make use of this unit.   Unit contains original power adapter, remote, box and CD Player as pictured.   Unit has internal DAC but also can be used as a transport with its SPDIF output. It is great for those that want a dedicated unit for CD playing. The...
so any upgrade program available? would lvoe me  ashirt and upgraded power supply.
Hello everyone,   I am new to this sub-section of the Head-fi forums but I hope I am not pissing anyone off by starting a help thread.   I am revising my setup a little and while I love my external DAC for serious listening, I just want a sound card to use with a small mizer I have to take my laptop audio and game audio and mix them together.   What I am looking for: 2 Ch or 5.1 Ch Real clocks (not just a single clock, but one for 44.1 based rates and one for 48...
I talked to Dave at http://dragonleather.net/ to handle my leatherwork. He's good and it wasnt too expensive to have it done right. 
Surprise!!! Power Cable now included.   JK, I have no idea what it will be but considering how they have treated the first batch buyers I would imagine they would offer an upgrade program if there is enough change to warrant such a thing.
This makes me happy I have not taken the plunge on the Ether C for my work setup. I use my DT1770's quite a lot and have been enjoying them and for low volume they still deliver some oomph which is nice while still sounding great.
Used it for about 150 hours, then never really used it after moving my setup around. Made the cable stick out more than I can live with in my setup so I am just trying to get a little cash back from it.   Comes with just the unit, no box. 
I would love to keep all great equipment but thats not very fiscally responsible of me to do. I know if I kept the Mojo, it would just sit a lot since I listen at home or at work and even my RWAK120ii doesnt get much play as I do not need a DAP ATM. But I know I will want that when I travel and the Mojo would still not be used. Much better to get my money back if I can while the aftermarket values are still high.  I like your way of saying ***think***. Its definitely a...
I used the mojo and then got a M9XX. To me, the difference in sound quality isnt that much, but I find the usability of the M9XX much better. More options to customize on the fly without having to go into my computer settings. I like that more because I am changing only things at the final stage of conversion and not at a stage where I do not know how it affects the quality of sound / signal to my DAC/AMP.  I personally have found the m9xx to be a little more aggressive...
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