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Great album, where did you get the DSD version?
I pick my Mojo up tomorrow with a coax cable when i visit London (courtesy of Custom-cable), i can't wait to give it a listen!
Id love to meet, we last had one 2 years ago, long overdue!
Just to say, im listening to Andrew Birds Break it Yourself on the 560s using my laptop as a source and my Fiio X3 original as a source and its so beautiful im getting a pain in my heart (hopefully its just the beauty of the music and not the amount of food and drink ive had over the week).   The clarity, soundstage and detail are one thing, but overall the effect is one of beauty. I love my 560s!
So i visited NYC and i wanted to buy some Hifiman HE560s   I went to AC Gears where the staff were friendly, they had a pretty small selection of gear but couldnt find a price match for me on their website for the 560s, so i left and went to Stereo Exchange. This is an impressive business with a lot of great gear. However when i told the owner i heard of them through HeadFi she became irate and said that she didnt want me to come in, demo gear and then buy online...
Hey Emilsoft. How did you like the 560 with the Mojo, im leaning towards a Mojo but im not certain if its the best choice with the 560 (my main headphone)
Definitely give the 560s timer to burn in. The packaging recommends 150 hours, i know after 100 hours my 560s sound like totally different headphones (i was a little underwhelmed when i opened them first too)
Thanks ksb643, i think youve pushed my decision to yes side!
Thank you Vanquisher
Thanks a mill, i think ill treat myself this Christmas if i can find an Irish retailer! I expect that they do sound great!
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