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Hey zowki Its a good question, i have the ER4 Micro Pro ( so im not sure if its a PT or an S, how can i tell? I've replaced the cable with a Westone cable so its pretty different. Does it make a difference, do i just need to up the volume? Is it a better sound ( ive only had 290 mins with the new cable so far).
Hey guys   I replaced the cable last night ans tested the polarity, all working smoothly.   However the volume has decreased significantly. I've gone from 72 on high gain on my Fiio X3 to 100 and it doesnt quite seem loud enough (i can still get to 120). I tried it on my iphone and at top volume its pretty low.   Have i done something wrong or is this expected?
If i win the lottery ill fly from Ireland
Adapters arrived today, the cable last week, im looking forward to giving them a run tonight, thanks again for the help.
Any love for Jeff Porcaro ?   He was the drummer with Toto and played on loads of records including those by Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Stan Getz, Sérgio Mendes, Lee Ritenour, Christopher Cross, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and Larry Carlton   Check out the Rosanna shuffle
Im looking at exactly the same thing, Westone cable seems to be popular but id like a few options
So anybody have any recommendations for a replacement cable other than Westone?
Brilliant thanks a million!
I see a lot of people use the Westone as a replacement cable but i dont want over the ear, what else would you recommend (i only have sound in one ear now)?   A pure sound cable?   Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 IEM Headphone Cable (may not be able to source accessories for Etys)   Anything else that is a great quality cable??
Can i use them with Etymotic ER4 Micro Pros?
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