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Ultrasone Signature Pros are worth a thought (i have them and they are very good). I know a lot of people like the Mr Speakers headphones, ive only tried them at a meet so am not an expert.
Id love to audition, i need to find somebody in Ireland with a balanced rig!!
I heard the AK II 100 and it is in my opinion a much better sounding player than the X3. I couldnt hear much difference between the X3 and the junior but the 100 is undeniable.    I may get the 100 if i can free up the cash, my other thought is to try the 120 if i get to the US. Any opinions on the 120?   BTW what difference would balanced outputs make?
Ah good, im looking forward to hearing how it sounds!
Which did you go for in the end?   Can somebody explain about balanced outputs, what does it do to the sound in this case?
Ha, so does everything!
I've a few versions of the Rach but i really like this myself, its really full of life for me. I suppose beauty is in thew ear of the beholder etc
I tried the Jr today.   It felt lovely in my hand and the touch screen UI works really well compared to my Fiio X3. however i listened to both it and the X3 for about 30 mins and though the sound was a tiny bit better on the Jr (the bass was tighter) there really was very little difference.    Im not sure its worth the upgrade for the difference in Euro tbh. Ill have to compare the AK 100 II next. 
Wow, they look great, ive been toying with the idea of getting custom impressions for my Etymotics but not to have them reshelled.   The AK Jr has landed in Dublin, im hoping to try it out this weekend.
Hey karloil. What iems/headphones are you using with the AK?
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