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Welcome fellow EU resident, im from Ireland.   I hope your wallet doesnt suffer too much!
Ultrasone Signature Pros are worth considering (though i have the D2000, not the 5000 so might be different).
I bought the Ultrasone Signature Pros about 8 weeks ago and ive hardly had them off my head since. I dont think ive ever listened to this much music daily in my life up to now.
Nicely done!
Anymore ideas on why the SD card is maxed at 64GB?   Im sorely tempted to replace my X3 with this.
Im a big fan of my Etymotic ER4s paired with the Fiio X3, amazing clarity.
Looks very promising, is the 64GB Sd limit likely to increase?
Beautiful Beethoven
For me i left them the first few nights playing all night and they settled in beautifully after 3 days. its a few weeks now and they sound wonderful so they will adjust
Ive had mine a week ans they are fantastic   Regards comfort do you have the headband sitting over the very top of your head? When i have them here they are very comfy, if they slip not so much
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