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Ah i wont make it, what a pity. Ill be at this instead www.nch.ie/Online/Bergen-Philharmonic-Orchestra-28Aug15 , Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra playing Mendelssohn, Svendsen and the Rite of Spring by Stravinsky with Alina Ibragimova on violin. A close second seeing as i couldnt make it to London.
Would love to meet again if folks are up for it!
I always look forward to a visit to Academy when im in New York, its great!
Im from Ireland here but travel to the UK a lot (mostly London)
They are phenomenal, i dont use any of my other headphones since i bought them. I listen to about 2 extra hours music a day because of them too! Enjoy Jacky!
Welcome fellow EU resident, im from Ireland.   I hope your wallet doesnt suffer too much!
Ultrasone Signature Pros are worth considering (though i have the D2000, not the 5000 so might be different).
I bought the Ultrasone Signature Pros about 8 weeks ago and ive hardly had them off my head since. I dont think ive ever listened to this much music daily in my life up to now.
Nicely done!
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