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Thanks guys!
Agreed, both are great and very helpful
Just bought a pair of Sig Pros, cant wait for them to arrive!
Ha, too true, tbh i was at a meet in New York and listened to a few very expensive rigs which didnt really suit me and then was blown away by others. Personal taste counts for a lot more than is obvious on here sometimes is my guess
Hey Robm As far as my conversations on here it looks like at the price point the PM3 is a fantastic closed portable and at a higher price point the Ultrasone is a slightly more fantastic closed portable (though ill be able to tell you for sure once they arrive) Thanks
Hey Davidsh You put me onto the Ultrasones so thanks for that and ive had loads of PMS from people who owned both the PM3 and the Ultrasones. This is a great community and i really appreciate all the help.
Ive just ordered the Ultrasone Pros   Thanks a million for all of the advice!
Has anybody compared the PM3s to the Ultrasone Signature Pros as portables? I know the Oppos are less expensive. Im trying to decide and am being swayed towards the Ultrasones
How about the Oppo PM 3 or the Ultrasone Signature Pros? I would have thought that both would figure in the rankings (and im trying to decide myself)!
Hey guys   Anybody in Ireland got an Ultrasone Signature Pro? Id, love to get a local opinion im trying to decide on a portable and its between this and the Oppo PM3. (which ill be able to demo at hifihut soon).   Thanks   Mark 
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