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Did you work out how best to order?
Wow, thanks for the great feedback guys. So i could upgrade the E11 to something better (maybe the O2)?.    Sounds like the HE 500 are the better way to go, i can always get a better amp for my desktop (i love the WA2, so i could save)
Thanks guys. I am wary of going for the 500 as i use the X3 for most of my listening and though the X3 has enough juice on paper im worried that it will sound underwhelming. Is there a portable amp that will help?
I know the impedance is 38 Ohm and the x3 recommends 10-300 but im a little worried that it wont fully drive it (when i listened at the meet it was through and EF 5 amp.   Apologies if this is a newbie question but i cant find this on any other thread here.   Thanks
Hi all.   I heard the HE 500 at the New York meet last year and loved it. I was considering buying it as it is discounted currently but i am worried that my Fiio X3 wont get the best out of it (i also have an E11 which i no longer use).   Would i be better off going for the HE 400 instead?   Thanks
Hey Fran   Hoping to pop along (my wife is due a baby in the next 2 1/2 weeks so it might be a short visit!!) , what time are you looking at?
Hey Fran.   Im not too far away, ill pop over (assuming that my wife hasnt had a baby at that stage.
Hey Amar   Thanks a million for the comprehensive reply! Im delighted to hear that you went with them, i have a pair a little while now and i use them with my Fiio X3 which is great.   I did have issues with the earpieces, the flange inserts went too deep for me, they used to almost make me retch, but they gave the best bass sound once i got isolation sorted. The comply were worse than useless, im not sure if they were too small or i was using them incorrectly but i...
Hey Amar, did you get the Etys eventually? How did they work out for you?
I know that this thread is pretty old, but Ive never managed to get any good sound with the comply inserts. I cant get a good seal at all. Do i need large?   One of my foamies is broken so ill need to order more i guess. Pity more arent included in the pack.I do get decent bass with the foamies (not compared to my full size obviously), i was disappointed when i was using my comply tips
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