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Ah pity, i was away, just back. Hope the meet went well!   Mark
Thanks Richsvt if i had the money id go HE6 + EF6 amp, my fav headphone ever but i cant afford to.   Im really torn as to whether id get better sound from the HE500 + X3 or the AK and the 400!
I currently have an X3 and i have a budget for next year.   I will either buy the HIFIMAN HE400 and the AK100 II or the HE500 and keep the X3.   Is the upgrade to the AK worth it?
Is this a dumb question or my ears fault or am i going slightly mad?
Hey all. The headphones i use most often are Etymotic EPT4s. They are convenient and i enjoy the sound from my Fiio X3. However when i use my Denon AHD2000s i can pick out instruments that i cant with the ETYs. I also get better sound stage. I have a pair of Grado SR225i which also give more clarity (all using the X3). As they ETYs are renowned for their clarity i wonder if its possible to get IEMs which match Full size headphones (in a similar price category).
Yeah, its a bit of a mystery, and its not just A&K either. When i think of the size of the European market there must be a huge opportunity to get a good RRP to match waiting until somebody visits the US to get good quality products.   Maybe we need to start a distributorship!
Hey Warrior, thanks for the reply   I don’t think its just VAT, all A&K products retails at way above the US prices in Europe. For example the Astell and Kern AK120 II  model above retails at £1,499.00 (Incl. VAT).   £1499 = £1,249.17 ex VAT. = $1,956.29   Cheapest price on Amazon is $1,379.00, most expensive is $1,699.00. That’s a fair difference (between $257 and $577 depending on where you buy).   I think A&K need to revisit their RRP pricing strategy in Europe...
Can i ask why A&K products are so expensive in Europe compared to the US?    It would be better to wait until im in the US to pick one up.
Hey zowki Its a good question, i have the ER4 Micro Pro ( so im not sure if its a PT or an S, how can i tell? I've replaced the cable with a Westone cable so its pretty different. Does it make a difference, do i just need to up the volume? Is it a better sound ( ive only had 290 mins with the new cable so far).
Hey guys   I replaced the cable last night ans tested the polarity, all working smoothly.   However the volume has decreased significantly. I've gone from 72 on high gain on my Fiio X3 to 100 and it doesnt quite seem loud enough (i can still get to 120). I tried it on my iphone and at top volume its pretty low.   Have i done something wrong or is this expected?
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