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Let me know if you're willing to sell for this price
I've had both at various points in time. Prefer the Crack. It's lushness pairs better with the 650 than the Ember's aggressiveness for me
Looking to buy one. Preferably MP but an LP would do as well. Pm me if you're selling one
Unfortunately I don't know anyone who does that sort of thing
It's speedballed but I'd have no idea what I was doing if I were to mod and don't really have the time to do it myself so I"d need to find someone to do it for me
So now that I've had some time to get familiar with the Crack, I'm looking to drop about $230 on tubes or potentially mods (although I'd need to have someone do it for me as I have no soldering skills). I did some digging on common recommendations and came up with a list. If you have the chance I'm curious what you'd buy with the allotted money and what the general sound sig of your recommendation is. I'll list the tubes I currently have and the ones I'm considering with...
I store locally as well. I find it more satisfying to have to actively seek out music and acquire it.    
I was the original owner. I can vouch for its condition
Just ordered a stock Crack with Speedball with a Mullard 12AU7 and a Tung Sol 5998 from a head-fier. I'm excited to hear how it sounds with my HD650s
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