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hi guys, i'm using right now a V-DAC II and i'm looking for a amp to power my DT990 Pro, do you think little dot mkIII could do well when listening to hard rock and heavy metal? i'd like to have good mids, i'm not sure if a OTL tube amp is best suited for rock in general, what do you think? my alternative would be the M-stage.   thanks
hi all, someone can tell me if the 332c has RCA outputs on the back? i can find only pictures of the front.   thanks
Hi, thanks for the feedback, i'm asking just to be sure of what i'm doing ;) I don't want to spend 350€ to find out later that i can't connect my speakers.   Thanks again Regards
Hi all, i need some help to connect my headphones and powered speakers to these to devices. It's correct this setup?   PC USB->HRT Streamer II->M-Stage RCA input M-Stage Line-Out->Powered speakers input   Thanks for the help Regards
i'm glad you solved this, i have the same problem but i have not found a solution yet. Headphone amp is fine but connecting a pair of studio monitor via RCA cable gives me this problem.
Yes, actually it was a fresh windows install so the driver of onboard card were never installed and i disabled it in the UEFI. I've tryied different RCA cables but it's not working very well, the worst moments are when i start a game, i get a very audible noise from both speakers, hopefully tomorrow should arrive my new headphones so i can check if it's a problem only related to the RCA output or both.   EDIT: i can hear the same noise also if the driver are uninstalled...
Hi all, i've just purchased this card and i am experiencing a very disturbing noise from my speakers, when i'm not playing anyting there is sometime a small screeching sound but it gets worse when i'm playing a game (with music i will have to test it better but it doesn't seem as bad), in fact i get a high background noise very audible e also quite annoying. I'm connecting a pair of Rokit RP5 G2 via RCA cables, i have put the card on the left side of my video card (i...
    Yes i have  RCA, TRS and XLR inputs, i was considering the Xonar Essence One but i didn't see yet a lot of review being a new device. I did take a look at the new TubeMagic D2 and it has the unbalanced output for both an amplifier and the studio monitors, My options so far are: DacMagic TubeMagic D2 Xonar Essence One Hlly SMK-III   i will look around for some review of them. thanks again.
Thanks for the answer, i considered them too (TubeMagic D2, Fubar3 for example) but if i want to add a better  headphones amplifier to my system later i can't without the proper connections (i'd like to try a tube amplifier soon or later without having to change DAC).   Regards
Hi all, i have a pair of studio monitors and i'm need to buy a DAC (i'm stuck with onboard sound right now) that i can connect also with and external headphone amplifier, I see that most DACs have only two RCA outputs and i need those for my studio monitors, am i correct saying that i will not be able to connect a headphone amplifier to it in this scenario? Ex: Firestone Spitfire > Studio Monitor > Cute Beyond > DT-990 Pro. At the moment i'm leaning towards the...
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