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First thing that springs to my mind is that perhaps you have the right side pushed in way too far? There shouldn't be any suction or seal formed. Customs 'sit' in the ear, they should be comfortable and unnoticeable after an hour or so.In terms of bass, the deeper one inserts the IEMs the bass should increase to the detriment of other effects (at least in my layman experience), as you retract the headphone to the correct level of insertion you should find the soundstage...
You keep yours in your pocket? ...And that left piece looks like the eye of Sauron... Just me? Oh well...
Hey, my impressions arrived 2 weeks ago but I haven't received any emails from a lab or such, should I assume they are being worked on or email asking for an update? (I read that Noble don't usually answer such things in their FAQ). Understandably I'm a little apprehensive they haven't arrived 😬 Either that or everyone jollied off on Holiday already xD
People don't know Idris Elba sings lol ^
I've been on the Game of Thrones film sets, seen the actors - even got headhunted to audition for the part of John Snow! Still, never watched an episode! Sounds too incest-prawn ey for me! On an unrelated note - £50 for impressions by Aid2Hearing in London - seems about £15 steeper than I'd be looking to pay... Will give it a week for other suggestions, but I ordered the K10's over a month ago!! Argh, damn work. Damn patients xD. Happy New Year all!
Completely agree with this almost. But first comes your music xD.I've ordered the K10 to work with a £100 O2 or my iPhone/IPad. I'll look into Hugo's and such next year (:
As clinically of interest as the above posts may be to my degree, I have a question on topic. Any UK buyers have experience regarding increased wait times, or customs charges? Also who did the final delivery for UPS? Hopefully not Parcelforce....
Yes! Thought I had it all worked out but nooo, just had to see the Buckeye! It seems the hardest choice is the wood! Oddly I like Buckeye more as it reminds me of an owl. Not sure it works with amber shells though! #1stworldproblems :P
Big thank you to all who took the time to review my posts, It's end of term for us budding Clinical Psychology students, so am insanely busy - But Thank You! Also dying here trying to decide between Amber and gold nugget shells and Ambonya OR Buckeye faceplates... would the Amber clash badly with Buckeye?!
HahaJust an eager, broke student here xD Today is actually earlier than I was expecting!Also, I notice that the UK now has a regional site! Nicely done!PayPal tends to use inflated currency conversion...N.B. How does one delete posts here? ._.Also to anyone who HAS a K10 custom, would you mind awfully taking a pic of them IN your ears? I perform on stage, so whilst I want something flashy, It can't look TOO distracting - especially under high lighting!I've read others...
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