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Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo That is one beautiful looking unit. What speakers and amp are you using? I'm feeding a pair of Paradigm Studio 100's, using a new Crown XTI-2000 power amp.
Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis How about capturing a picture then? You already refer to its sound quality, so it should be possible to capture it... Ok, Here's a photo of my real RSP-2. Not much difference than the rendering.
Actually the image in my post is not a photo. It's a 3d model of it I built in Lightwave.
My new Emotiva RSP-2 preamp has a very decent sounding headphone jack. I was rather surprised to find it powers my AKG K701's very well. Here's a Lightwave 3d rendering I made of it. I still prefer my WOOAudio WA6. The $699.00 for the RSP-2 full height preamp is an incredible deal though.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamato8 With my Sennheiser HD650's I hear little difference though I hear a slightly more transparent sound on the high impedance but the volume does not change. What headphones do you use? I use AKG K701's, and can definitely hear a difference in loudness when I flick the switch. The bass tightens up also.
Does anyone else have this problem.
No It's distinctly marked 100 to 600, and 32 to 90 ohms.
Hi All, I have a WooAudio 6 powering my AKG K701 headphones, and just noticed that the impedance switch on the back seems to work in reverse. It's marked high impedance 100 to 600 ohms in the up position, and I think low 32 to 90 in the bottom position. Yet I get a louder sound in the high up position than in the low down position. Does everyone else notice the same thing? Now I am using a very long extension cord on the headphones, some 15 feet I think. Should this not be...
Well I just had to chime in hear. I have had a WA6 driving my AKG K701 headphone for about 9 months now. This is one piece of gear I just love. The build quality is impeccable. The sound quality first rate. I really don't believe one could get a better amp for twice the price. Truly an audio bargin! here are some pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricey20 i ended up going with a WA6 too and bought it from someone here on head-fi. I chose the WA6 because of the many reviews of it and it was only going to be maybe $60 dollars more than a new MKIV SE. Also the WA6 outputs 2 watts while MKIV SE is 500mw. Still this is going to be my first tube amp so either one would have probably worked great for me. I'm waiting for the balanced little dot though, looks interesting and...
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