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Nice boatYup.To me it's like playing Pokemon... gotta catch them all. Battle it out, level the ones you like. No point in questioning the absurdity in the world of Pokemon, no point in questioning the confusion regarding kancolle.
Nope just tastes like sugar and good ol' artificial flavoring. 
Me neither. What are ship girls (literally, they aren't called ships but ship girls even in the game) supposed to be anyways?Gave up thinking of an explanation long ago because otherwise why things take humanoid form in anime, why those things or animals talk, why magic, why etc. Must be because Japan. And because otaku-culture is a thing.Meanwhile I just sit back and enjoy the content, however blasted its conception is from common sense xDD
I know, love her voice too might cringe at the German pronunciation but you can enjoy the some lines she has in kancolle.The Mic up/down toggles the different voice lines.
Your total vocabulary size is estimated to be: 20,300 words     There were so many words I recognized as French words but not sure if were the same meaning in English so didn't click. Cause that meant I don't know those English words. Not surprised I have nub results for living in a (partially) English speaking country.
How are you liking it?! I loved that showParas-chan is too cute. [[SPOILER]]  Miku till now! Next time I'm order hamtaro bubbletea I'll be reminded of taro...wait no, it's the other way around. *cringe* xDWhy is that even a thing! kill it with fire!!
*drum rolls*Well I can always buy durian here if I really crave it xD I suppose the same for that palm sugar awesomesauce (?). But now are you guys implying I need to send a sample maple syrup along with my gift as a representative of Canadaland? Doubt poutine will make it across border---or even past my doorstep #nomnom Not if I intercept the parcel and eat it first...!
From the discussions I feel like the Malaysia group already decided I deserve to get blocks of sugary stuff and/or durian flavor if they get my name picked... how did this happen?! I blame you, maple syrup! lol   I'm actually okay with durian. In the recent years I've come to terms with it and am definitely able to eat (and enjoy) it with moderation. Too much and it churns my stomach. Not sure why.
Hm.. could be interesting.More importantly I don't think you can send fluids across borders xD so let's put the idea of syrups and sugar cubes away xDD Definitely not down for some of that special jam though :P
If Made in Malaysia maple syrup has a distinctive taste (in a good way) why not! lolI'll pass on the hockey puck... Immigration offices be placing quotas on those, too many of em here.
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