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There's always stuff like the TDS-15 that is rather easy to drive. It's made portable too with foldable headband and all, just that it's open back. Well... The recabling came to be a mess x.x The plastic epoxy I had was also way too hard to work with so unfortunately I could only manage to use a silicone based material which honestly isn't anywhere near solid. But at least I can insert and remove the cable without needing to hold the stuff down. Ugly as sin I know x.x
... well, time for me to crack open and recable my HP-50a! I'm actually thinking of giving it a detachable cable... it's going to be so ugly...Will get back to you guys if it works. EDIT: There is indeed a white paper and very thin black cloth between the drivers and the baffle in the HP-50A They reused the same design principle for the much newer ATH-ES88. You might like it, although naturally it doesn't come cheap when it's a EarSuit model. You should have seen the one... to the pictures I've posted there.Essentially the little red silicone rings come with Monster branded IEM tips packages. Not sure if all of them have it or only specific packages. Or if they sell them individually. What they are, is a sleeve for namely Shure IEMs (and others with thin nozzles) so you can use standard IEM tips.That said, the sleeve doesn't necessarily make the nozzle...
YESSSSSSSSSSSS YUNO!!!!!!!!Must buy more monitors to make it happen!
Hetalia fanfics.
Gifts? hardly, I paid for those.Still happy to get them though, they've been bought for uber long. I guess you have a point here. Well it all starts when I get my license, for which I need to bring some forms over on Monday... HP-50A. They are mono, btw. Thanks.And it's good to know man. Is it in your direct field of studies, or is it related? I thought you did aerospace.My program was pretty darn specific for being such a badly known field in the world. A few other fields...
Finally, the stuff that's been sitting at my cousin's place for months was sent!           But anyway, so darn tired. Happy I received these but... @jgray91, how did things go? I also need to find a job soon... I feel like my part time job (now taking up nearly 40h a week) isn't giving me much energy or time left to study and review. My brain otherwise turned into tofu already. Heck, not giving me much time to job hunt either. *depressing* Not quite sure...
So you can learn either from the other.
ikrBut these are 'official' goods, so the artist actually gets a chunk of it. Or at least the company pays the artists a licensing fee.Kinda like responsible coffee sourcing... (btw that first sweater, only the zipper is real. ribbon, blazer, buttons all are prints) Did we already mention the company that does full sized anime curtains? xD
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