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I can't find my original post with the pictures but here's two variants...1) Traced shape of original headband2) Variant for splitting weightRight now the two have already been switched around, the #2 on my HP-1 and the #1 on my HP-2 shell. #1 is just the original headband silhouette traced and done on soft synthetic leather. It can be improved by slicing it open down center along the headband; it'll hold on the head much better.#2 is the same silhouette but with the...
Well I believe the HP/YH-1/2 often come with cracked headband (the plastic edges). I got pretty lucky with my HP-1 which was completely in perfect condition, while my YH-1 has one crack. You don't feel it though, it just doesn't keep its shape as nicely when you take it off your head. On the other hand the YHD-1... think it would be easy to cook up a new headband for it? post some pictures of where it's supposed to be connected!From the fleabay pictures I've seen before it...
Haha yeah that headband is technically "broken" xDWas going to snatch that one up but forgot about it at least second lol. Glad it got into good hands :P
Well the regular quote is blank. Wonder if its due to character limit or something? Oddly enough there were pictures I couldn't see until I pasted it into my own quote box. That was that, the test is done and it's gone now. Ease your moods! I'll just gtfo.
 Bucket!! nice you scored a YHD >__< Man the YH-1 is nearly indistinguishable from a TDS-5M now! lol(yes yes they aren't indistinguishable before someone tries to prod me)
Hai there :> sorry I was testing something there.
what? how does that work?
You called? ;) Yup that was me. Well one of them was. I used cork for other uses in the end, namely as a sub-layer under the baffle. Mainly to give more room in the cup since the SFI drivers didn't quite fit in the HP-2 cups.The random wood bit diffuser with cotton was... well a bust. Both the idea and the results were eccentric. It was so random it made the two channels completely imbalanced.  Since I lack more precise tools I never went back to that idea. That and I...
There's always stuff like the TDS-15 that is rather easy to drive. It's made portable too with foldable headband and all, just that it's open back. Well... The recabling came to be a mess x.x The plastic epoxy I had was also way too hard to work with so unfortunately I could only manage to use a silicone based material which honestly isn't anywhere near solid. But at least I can insert and remove the cable without needing to hold the stuff down. Ugly as sin I know x.x
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