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Oh my, I completely missed that spot.You could probably measure the resistance between red/yellow joint and driver solder joint vs the blue/white and the broken tip. If the difference isn't big, or if at various bent angles the white wire doesn't display overload resistance then it's probably still usable. Electric tape the gash.Otherwise if you have any ethernet cable that is unused and can be cannibalised they often use 26AWG if memory serves me right. 26AWG is what we...
Get your lololol outta my face!The only reason you need to study for 2nd/3rd year in high school IS for college duh! lol
The official English name is Char siu.The crispy stuff is something else. They broke up? D:Guess college had to take them apart? or what was the reason?ClariS was glorious Strip the tip of the white wire and resolder it on instead of replacing it completely. 
Totally didn't think of this method!! thanks for pointing it out (am trying to figure out what is causing imbalance on a pair of headphones)
Any info on that place? :D
That it is. Probably only the XBA-Z5 would be worth shipping from here since the size and weight are lower.THAT is assuming Sony didn't supersize their packaging because it is a premium item. :S Wish we had EMS. They practically only take into account weight. And I sure bet 4kg to Australia is ridiculously expensive with the Canadian postal service... :xI shipped a cable to the Phillipines before and it was $5... mind you that's just a regular non-overbuilt audiophile...
Wait, what? Where are you right now Pandapapandakopanda? (let's see how many of you know that reference!) Morning? it's past midnight here in EST o_o
Alright @Exesteils , @Idsynchrono_24 (and maybe @Ra97oR? dunno) Shipping to me is free for standard fare or around $15+tax for expedited. And at the cost of those things I suppose the extra ~$15+tax in shipping insurance would be nice otherwise it's only covered up to $100. Then a 5% tax on the total. CAD.   Shipping from me to you will vary though. I don't know the size or weight of the packages so I can't really tell. Aside from that I don't know where you,...
Well the sale price is supposedly till Jan 2015 which seems odd. Early and extended Christmas shopping? I'll have to wait till I get home tonight to check things out. I don't know how much shipping (to your end) will cost but I can check how much it would cost to order from NCIX.
Well if you guys need me to help with exporting I can try. Not sure how much the import duties will cost on your end though (and Malaysia is usually pretty slow to reach unless with more expensive shipping options).However, it's currently back ordered so no idea when it will be actually available/when it will ship.Just make sure to tag my name or quote/pm as otherwise I won't get notifications.
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