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I do live. Barely a life though.You has be on Ferdinand Braun (ref. to your avatar) you know I live xD
You need one of that too. Not just Borisu xD
That does appear to be the case when I opened them... I guess that means I'll have to do some destruction to transplant. Thanks
Mine went nowhere.Admittedly I did not put too much effort into it since it is so difficult to work with. Cup depth does not exist either.The removable mini-xlr/cable seems to weigh my head leftwards really badly too. A bit of extra weight thrown in the right cup could potentially solve the issue but the difference in weight, or at least pull, felt pretty important.The headband elastics that is losing elasticity also causes problems not only for the comfort but the...
Not warming up to the idea since the headband isn't adjustable. How2FitNoggins!
I know how you feel :x specially at low levels it gets tough. Not sure if the Easy/Normal/Hard modes are still scaled with HQ levels. E1 for instance was easy regardless of difficulty provided you had enough ASW gear (which is less common at lower levels).Really want U-511 as well! And hopefully I can get Amagi this time cause failed to reach Unryuu.
Safer bet to go for someone that actually learned the language. I don't fall into that category :xThe rewards are different for lower difficulties so careful.
I have P-H, desktop speakers, two monitors, mouse pad, keyboard and mouse on my desk. Along with all the junk.But in order to use those stuff it's still kept slightly tidier than that1...Just a crap load of cables and earphones/headphones on the desk.  1. limited to desk. The room overall is a mess.
Don't take too long to finish it!My experience with maccha cookies (although not from the same store) is that the amazing taste does not preserve that well over long periods.So to get the best of it, don't wait too long to glomp them down.
 Not entirely true. The thing about the materials is that with passing time the demands are different. Technology also evolves and sometimes come back round for revisiting otherwise abandoned ideas, planar magnetic being one of them since dynamic drivers are lighter, probably much easier to make, not as prone to scratching off voice traces, etc. At the same time, new materials are developed which allow different designs to be made. For better or for worse, but the choice...
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