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I'm interested to see what you guys think are the most comfortable headphones. I have beyer dt 770s and they are pretty comfortable I think. 
One of my friends has recently purchased beats studio headphones. I had a listen to them the other day and they seem really bad for the price. If he asked me I would have suggested ultrasone pro 900s but he didn't. I think I should teach him something so he doesn't make the same mistake again. Should bring my beyerdynamic DT770s and my E17 in and let him listen to them? I know that he will know that he's been ripped off immediately and I feel bad for him . They say...
It is, because otherwise you would be double amping. I can't remember for sure, but i'm pretty sure that switch is for if you want to use the EQ (or the amp) on a dock. 
Oh and I forgot to say - it automatically sets it to the default device as well :D Windows 7 doesn't 
If anyone was wondering - The e17 is fully supported on the windows 8 consumer preview. Probably slightly better than windows 7 even because it's faster at fetching drivers. 
Yes, they send mine right after I complained :D
Yes, but I have beyerdynamic dt770 250 OHM and I can listen to it with 0db gain and about 30 - 40 volume or 6db with lower volume. They are definatly not IEMs. I'm not sure how loud you guys listen to your music!  I think it might be better to listen on 0db gain with higher volume but It could make no difference.     
I have been wondering what does the gain setting do? Is it better to have it low and the volume higher? I 
Hey, guys. Just got my e17 today from mp4nation. The free gift was defective though :-( see the thread in the IEM section if you want to know more. It's pretty good so far. 
No coverage whatsoever. 
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