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Blump...c'mon Fi-'ers I want some input please! Heh. Input.   No puns were harmed in the posting of this posting.
Well I got drunk a few nights ago and apparently ordered some Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohms, which is possibly the least regrettable drunken decision anyone has ever made. But now I'm thinking I'll need an amp to drive them to my satisfaction.   I've been checking out the E17 and it's a pretty nice unit, I just have some questions about how it performs paired with the E9k.   1. What benefits are there to running the docked setup vs just the E17 alone? I know...
Hello head-fi-ers. The wealth of knowledge in this community prompted me to sign up, and I'd like to tap into said knowledge (please!).  I'm looking at wireless headphones, namely the Sennheiser models RS 180, PXC 360 BT, and the MM 550.   I'm aware of the differences between Kleer and BT, but I'm kind of leaning towards one of the BT models so I won't have to carry around the transmitter.    My main point of concern is the lag associated with wireless...
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