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I am looking forward to seeing a review of these headphones. I am getting rid of my Sol Republic Tracks HD's and planned on picking up the V-Moda M-80's. However, I just saw these. They look similar to the B&W P5's. Any info yet? vr, Rod
Thought I would post a follow up to my purchase and what led to my decision, maybe it will help another newbie...   Caveat - keep in mind I'm no audiophile and only know as much as I've read here. I only know what sounds good to ME.   I started out wanting to purchase a pair of Bose QC-15's to use at work, I'm in IT and split my time between my desk and a noisy datacenter.  I was thinking that the noise cancelling would help with that environment. The Bose were...
Hello guys,   I'm in a similar position, considering Bose QC-15's   I've tested the B&W P5's and they didn't sound very good to me and the volume wouldn't go very high, however I did like the build quality over the Bose. I've been searching hard for a headphones with reasonable quality that are portable and has ipod/iphone controls. Before listening to the B&W P5's I had narrowed my search to them and the QC-15's.    I've been trying to gather information on...
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