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 Yeah misspoken by me whoops, hopefully the message got across
 No Worries, Happy Listening 
 I'm not a hard reviewer or anything. But I've had my share of experiences with high end headphones. I owned the original momentums, I felt they were very good headphones, but in the end I wanted open headphones at that time. Since then I've sold all my open headphones, and I now own the M2 wireless and Fostex TH-900. The Fostex has sort of ruined all cheap headphones for me. I was in for a new portable pair since my girlfriend jacked my sony's, so I tried a decent amount...
 You're missing an audio chain my friend. A quality digital to analogue converter that doesn't have to fit into a laptop enclosure + a quality amplifier (quality does not equal power). Many high end amps have a lot of power so that they can drive any headphone on the market. Power and fidelity have absolutely nothing to do with each other in that respect.  Also there's not a whole lot of point in getting one of those amps if you don't have a quality source giving you the...
My observations about the cups were right on with @jude   At first look I could already say, wow these pads are way too shallow and my ear will end up against the driver.   Anyway the price looks nice, and the cups are cool.  Too bad I've no reason to pick up a pair since I'm already a 900 owner
It's funny to see how popular the 5210mk3 is with TH-900 users (me as well), when in reality i'm 99% sure it's good with every headphone there is. For some reason it has this reputation with the th-900 in particular.   Like @sir poulet said. It took his hd650 to another level. I have no trouble believing it unlocks the (at least near) full potential of the vast majority of headphones that could be plugged into it. If this amp doesn't do that, I can't imagine what one...
 The JDS labs element is my quasi portable I sometimes use with the th-900 and it seems to do pretty well. It uses the o2 dac. I don't remember if o2 has a line out but perhaps you could change the sig up a little bit with a cheapish amplifier to tide you over. I might suggest the little dot I+ if you want some warmth in there. I've had some good times with ld amps.
Honestly when the Bifrost was announced / released I thought it would never receive any upgrades and now there's been a couple.  Great job guys.
If this is real the hype train will just be too much for me to handle.
Well I said it before, the Element is a nice piece of audio equip.  I found it to be as good as any other equipment I've tried in the price range with just a different flavour. Smooth and linear with power for any headphone. Intimate, laid back sound.  Looks nice on the desk. My recommendations.   Probably not worth going from something else that costs as much to it or similar setups such as o2 + odac. Just sell that and upgrade if you're looking to improve on sound.
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