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The separation between bass and mids in the 900 doesn't even make sense to me.  It's pretty ridiculous.
I was uncertain about the Concero HD with my HE-500, but now that I have had a listen with the TH-900 + Bakoon combo I have to say bravo.  It's a really great pairing.
Any TH-900 owners / hip hop fans / new music fans should check out the new Kendrick Lamar album.  It is one of the better sounding albums I've heard so far this year and has a good sound that the th-900 does a great job at complementing.
Just curious, what kind of cable connection are they using? currently $99 on massdrop
 Yeah.  I agree that musicians can have a different perspective.  Hearing the way people are playing their instruments, or being able to imagine what their fingers / hands / feet are doing is one way that I enjoy and appreciate the music and musicians as a whole, at least when it comes to non computer music, whatever the word is for that.   Being a drummer first, being able to hear drum hits in the way they show up on the TH-900 really helps me appreciate those drummers...
I was a little shocked when I first heard the TH-900 coming from the HE-500.  The HE-500 obviously doesn't go as low, but has great texture and control and I thought it had pretty damn good bass even vs Audeze I felt it was comparable / in the ballpark.   With the TH-900 there's just so much more information in that sub bass area that's really not there when listening to other headphones and even the speakers I've had(all bookshelf or monitors).  It's about as close as...
 jeez maybe I shouldn't have asked.... 
  Mind describing the hugo?  It looks so good.
 I believe it depends on the tube since a lot of tubes are new old stock and can be unreliable.  It's nothing like guitar amps in terms of life though. I remember my friend changing his tubes often, about once a year.  My taboo's stock tubes have lasted for 2+ years now even with getting banged up quite a bit.  But looking at an amp like the schiit vali, there's a reason the tubes are soldered on.  
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