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If this is real the hype train will just be too much for me to handle.
Well I said it before, the Element is a nice piece of audio equip.  I found it to be as good as any other equipment I've tried in the price range with just a different flavour. Smooth and linear with power for any headphone. Intimate, laid back sound.  Looks nice on the desk. My recommendations.   Probably not worth going from something else that costs as much to it or similar setups such as o2 + odac. Just sell that and upgrade if you're looking to improve on sound.
 Yeah bakoon is a endgame amp to be sure.
 I originally couldn't get it to work and had to use a powered usb hub to supply enough power.  Here's the response from jds. 
 Nothing analytical sounding about the element to my ears.  Bass seemed fine but I understand if you want the extra thump.
 I know very well it would have enough power for anything other than extreme needs (HE-6 and the like). You need not worry.  1.1W @ 32 ohm is plenty.  This thing gets loud fast.  Standard planar headphones like Audeze, Hifiman 4xx/5xx, mr speakers will not be a problem.
  That was my original thought but if you wanted to line out to a speaker system when you're not listening to headphones then why not.
Ah true makes sense to line out to a speaker system from odac.  Slipped my mind.
Seems a little strange to get a product like this just to line it through the odac which is seperately available? I guess if you are using it on the go but have a better amp at home.
The light is nice and it's a great looking piece of work.   Additionally I never heard the O2 and I know the element uses the odac.  This explans the clean, linear sound that those big fans of the O2 are always talking about.   At first I was unable to get it to work with my Galaxy S5 through USB OTG to the power needs of the odac.  For those that might have this issue I solved the problem by using a powered usb hub as a medium.
New Posts  All Forums: