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I noticed these sony wired/wireless are on sale.  I wrote a review on them and I thought they were quite competitive for the price point($200).  Now they're @ $140
Just a heads up, these are on sale for 99$ right now at mp4nation with an included extra set of velours(different colors) or an amplifier.  Just picked a set up for a friend.
Nice review.  As a cyclist I personally enjoy open phones of any kind. I doubt the people these are being marketed to will enjoy that feature.  There are a number of occasions I've used my old grado sr80s for cycling and they worked well for me.   @bufferoverflow There is an app out there taht lets you listen to music and lets in outside noise using your phone's speaker if you are interested.  Also I've never been in a situation personally where i was not able to hear a...
 well this all depends on the sound of your dac as to what amps are going to sound good as well.  I've had to change different parts of my chain in and out due to different components adding a fatiguing element to the HE-500 when put together.  I'm sure there's no problem with the mj as an amplifier.  The dac you use could be the tweak you need.  I know that's inconvenient but it is one solution if you're really set on a particular amp or dac is to swap the other component
  Not the audeze but I have hifiman phones if we're talking planars.  I was always curious to try the HE-6 with my 5210mk3 but still have never had a chance.  The HE-500 is driven with ease.  I don't use the bakoon amp atm because it does not pair very well with my dac(Concero HD) + HE-500, and I power speakers with my taboo amp which also sounds damn good.  I found with the HE-500 + 5210mk3 + Concero that the HE-500 became really fatiguing.  I guess that means just about...
Yeah even though the 500 is known for smoooooth treble (has been with most of my setups), it can get peaky and fatiguing with certain ultra detailed setups.  When I had used the concero hd dac combined with my bakoon amp it was too much for me to handle after about 15 mins.  The setup was a little rigid but I felt it would be an excellent one for studio work.  I've had a lot of other combos but I think the concero + taboo is a well rounded setup for music enjoyment.   I...
I had forgotten about the focuspads and I just ordered a pair yesterday.  I've always disliked the stock earpads tbh.  I have modded beyerdynamic pads right now that are only ok(i used a lot of spacers to get them the right distance from the driver such that my ears were not touching the metal bar).  Soundwise I have no complaints with my pads, but the comfort could be dramatically improved.  I'm looking forward to it.
Oh jesus I wish i hadn't seen this.... I always wanted a v200 and now this really puts me in a pickle.
 The e17 will sound fine as a placeholder for the time being, but a used lyr+bifrost would probably be quite good for the money if you could get your hands on one.  Not sure of the other DACs in that price range, but you could try the e17 as a dac at first and then upgrade.
 You just described the benefits of the majority of portable media players.  Sounds to me like you are trying to convince yourself of something.
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