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Oh jesus I wish i hadn't seen this.... I always wanted a v200 and now this really puts me in a pickle.
 The e17 will sound fine as a placeholder for the time being, but a used lyr+bifrost would probably be quite good for the money if you could get your hands on one.  Not sure of the other DACs in that price range, but you could try the e17 as a dac at first and then upgrade.
 You just described the benefits of the majority of portable media players.  Sounds to me like you are trying to convince yourself of something.
 You could be right that it's not the same. I could be misinformed so please excuse me if so.  I've seen a lot of people independently make such remarks though. Here's some info 
I think we all just agreed on something. 
I agree it shouldn't.  There are lots of simple designs out there that are free to rip and put in a box for little money, and there should be some stuff on the market like that.  The darkstar is a good example of someone overcharging for nice case work for an already existing design (for those who don't know, see: As hifimanrookie pointed out not all designs are equal and you get into R&D costs, boutique parts, original design, etc....
Project sunrise is also OTL and that was quite popular with the HE-500 for a while.  So that makes a nice little list of OTL amps people like with the headphone which is fun to see.  Not sure how these rumors get started, but in my experience the HE-500 does well with just about any amp, it's not really picky about how the sound comes in as long as it gets there.
 You state my experiences as well.  In general as price goes up, depending on the amp of course, power goes up.  Many more powerful headamps are around today giving us a lot of options.  When I purchased my taboo, there were maybe half as many options in the 700-1500 range I was looking.  Eventually it ended up being a tossup between the v200 and the taboo and the taboo won because of its ability to power sensitive speakers.  Of course certain amps may be designed for...
 He may, I can't quite remember but he will definitely do his best to work with you if he is as communicative as he was with me.  This vs the GSX would be a very good question indeed.  
 If you contact him he can send you an invoice for the full amount.  That seller was quite responsive with respect to my transaction.
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