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The Alessandro ms-1 comes with an 1/8 to 1/4 adapter (if I am correct) so it will obviously work with your amp. If it does not come with the adapter, then you can purchase an adapter.   They should sound quite fantastic for $100 especially for guitar.
So about 6 months ago, I sold all my stuff and downsized to just the HD600 and a Schiit Asgard (picked up in total ~$700 back from wasting so much money on headphones). I'm looking for an upgrade around $800 that will work with the Asgard somewhat well.   Or I could sell the Asgard and HD600s and start with a new budget of ~$1100, whether that be for both a headphone and amp or just a headphone that doesn't really need an amp, which is probably unlikely.   I went...   Here is a head-fi thread that shows detail instructions on how to deconstruct or disassemble the headphone. I recommend reading this through and then focusing only on the parts with the wires (you don't really need to take EVERYTHING apart)   Take care in taking it apart and inspect the soldering to the PCB boards around step 8.
I suspect that wire damage is causing some signals to be cut off.   Take apart the headphone and inspect A. the wire body itself, B. the contact to the jack, C. the contact and solder to the driver units If all the wiring seems fine (the M50 is a heavy duty headphone anyways), then inspect D. your mindset and the placebo effect   Once I dropped a microphone and tried to convince myself it was broken, so I threw it away only to realize that my new bought one was...
I might be able make the meet (I'm from Bellevue, a 1 hour drive/ferry); luckily it's on the Saturday after the first week of school but put me on the list in case I make it    I'm new to the meet thing and I won't be bringing anything; I'll be there just to listen to things I can't afford, like I do at Hi-Fi stores across Bellevue
Gave away my LDMKIII and lent my HD650s to my friend to get him into headphones. Now I'm back to my HD600s, which are ampless (my iBasso D4 Mamba doesn't give nearly enough juice to put it at a decent sound quality).   So I have a couple choices and I need help deciding. This will be pretty much used for my HD600s but should also be able to make my SR325is sound nice (though the Grados do not really need amping). Schiit Asgard Another LDMKIII Matrix M...
Done. Thank you!
Take another $10 off to $160 excluding shipping.
Take $10 off to $170 excluding shipping.
Open for best offers.
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