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Quote: Originally Posted by Eisenhower Quote:   if you are trying to distinguish between "studios" and "professional studios", just stop, you don't know what you're talking about..   My friend runs a non-professional grade "studio" with a couple sound panels and some budget boards.     Who said a master engineer cannot have an analytical headphone with an enjoyable bass hump?   I call the people who buy them "Prosumers." I bet you know who they are or can at least...
Sennheiser HD555s have been SOLD.   The MS1is are still available
MS1i, the newer version. You can tell by the shape of the housing cup.   Thanks for asking, I will clarify the post.
Sennheiser HD555s have been SOLD   MS-1is have been SOLD
How would the GR07s compare to the W3/4 UM3x that many rave about?   I am wondering if it is a good idea to save up for the fancy multi-drivers. If it is not a large improvement, then I am going to jump the gun on the GR07s ASAP.   Does anyone have experience with both the GR07s and the W3s? Please chime in
No.   Never said these were made for a professional studio. A studio that is using this kind of headphone (sub$100) will most likely need an isolating headphone, considering no professional studio will use such a headphone.     Again, I never said a professional studio would use a headphone to mix. A professional studio will use a speaker monitor, as I have stated multiple instances     I agree, they are not all that flat. I may have misspoke that they were the flattest...
I have the impression that you misunderstand this headphone as well as its hype.   People have got it in their heads that they were "made for the studio" because of its flat response. It was not made for "enjoyable" listening. Sennheiser created a flatter response in order to meet the demands of the studio. I agree upon how it is terribly uncomfortable, but it does have excellent passive isolation compared to other full sized headphones in its range.     There is tight,...
I'm spending preferably around $150 (200 TOPS) for a universal IEM that doesn't really have to be a true "monitor." I listen to a mix of old jazz and hip hop   I have lowered it down to these choices:   Vsonic GR07 Etymotic HF5 Fischer Audio DBA-02    Ideas?
Go for the superlux   Stay away from caps
Agreed, they have more bass than anything else in their sound.   However they are the most enjoyable $20 headphones I have ever used. Beats our everything else at that price range.
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