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Done. Thank you!
Take another $10 off to $160 excluding shipping.
Take $10 off to $170 excluding shipping.
Open for best offers.
Up for sale is my pair of Sennheiser H25-1 Adidas Originals headphones in excellent condition.   There are no scratches, dings, nicks, etc., I have taken great care of them as my go-to portable for around a year. However, there is some very faint white "dust" on the side of the earcup from rubbing against the white inside of my laptop backpack for a year.    It will include the original box in mint condition with all the accessories that came with it: extra white...
Sorry, my fault in not paying attention to the condition.   Gosh, I should have snagged this
I'm not quite sure about the price Considering Amazon gives em shipped for $130.
Just got my gr-07s in the mail, plugged them into my ibasso D4. I did not notice that the software volume was at 100% and I left my amp at 100%. Played a song, whicih blasted my ears pretty badly. My ears are now okay after two days (temporary hearing loss) but I'm wondering if such high volumes can damage the diaphragm and driver. When I pulled them out of me ears in an instant, they sounded almost like terribly distorted cellphone speakers. I hope these were heavy...
MS-1is have been SOLD
Yes, there are levels of quality. I like to draw a line that seperates the non-professional grades and the professional grades. There is a bleak standard but i still like to draw it in which a piece of equipment can be used for professional purposes. Then after, that line, there are the grades as you described. I believe that the HD280s are below that bleak standard line. Yes, it is imaginary, like every other line. A non-professional will opt for a worse sounding piece...
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