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I will post pics when I get them, maybe an HD800 porn haha
I smell an overdraft   Do you honestly think you could get away?   Also, I have yet to try these. I will check them out at the Apple store when they arrive in the one here in Bellevue
It was ordered more than 24 hours ago.... I looked over my receipt and it said that there would be a 25% restocking fee Buyer's remorse   WAIT: I'm going to actually call them about it later if I can   EDIT: No, I deserve this. I won't cancel it   EDIT2: No, I can't justify it!   EDIT3: It's a treat, I promise I won't buy any headphones for years!
Oh god, what have I done I just placed an order on a pair of HD800s in blue and white from Colorware. I thought it was an amazing price since the painting is practically free. Recent HD800 price hikes (due to the release of th HD700s) have pushed up to $1500 and Colorware shipping cost me a whopping $26 I just realized that no matter how beautiful they look they can only stay at home... And I cannot justify using 1500 dollar headphones when I'm barely making ends meet...
The video is private... and I really wanna watch it   D:
Where do I find it for $336? I've searched and the lowest was about $390 from ebay.
They all look mediocre. Try Swan M10. unbeatable for the price. No, really.
Sorry if this doesn't belong in the right forum.    What would be a reasonable price to pay for a used but like-new condition Westone 4 IEMs? All accessories are included. I have the opportunity to snatch them up from a friend but I'm not sure how much I should offer.    Thanks in advance.
+1, how does this compare with the competition in its price range? 
Schiit Valhalla is a favorite around here.    I agree, the P5s are not even close to the sound of the 650s. It's like comparing one of those funny little portable battery-powered speakers to a B&W 800.
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