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>better soundstage >closed
off to eBay at 0.99 no reserve
iPod Classic 160gb (2nd rev) > iBasso D4 "Mamba" > VSonic GR07 I approve of the combo's synergy and performance. VSonic really needed a boost from the D4 Mamba (even if easy to drive). iPod headphone out jack is absolutely terrible - flattens soundstage, bass rolloff, slightly harsh highs with little detail anyways. D4 brings out the warmer lows and a MUCH more articulate, sweet treble. Mids are slightly less in quantity compared to the iPod.   Great value combo...
Don't take full-sized headphones to the gym. Won't work out. M50s in my experience were terrible and the leather pads aren't as breathable as the HD25 velour, but even that isn't saying too much.   Try IEMs for exercise.   Otherwise, it seems like you would need an energetic signature that seems to fit the HD25s very well. They are $200 and are a do-it-all headphone.
I will post pics when I get them, maybe an HD800 porn haha
I smell an overdraft   Do you honestly think you could get away?   Also, I have yet to try these. I will check them out at the Apple store when they arrive in the one here in Bellevue
It was ordered more than 24 hours ago.... I looked over my receipt and it said that there would be a 25% restocking fee Buyer's remorse   WAIT: I'm going to actually call them about it later if I can   EDIT: No, I deserve this. I won't cancel it   EDIT2: No, I can't justify it!   EDIT3: It's a treat, I promise I won't buy any headphones for years!
Oh god, what have I done I just placed an order on a pair of HD800s in blue and white from Colorware. I thought it was an amazing price since the painting is practically free. Recent HD800 price hikes (due to the release of th HD700s) have pushed up to $1500 and Colorware shipping cost me a whopping $26 I just realized that no matter how beautiful they look they can only stay at home... And I cannot justify using 1500 dollar headphones when I'm barely making ends meet...
The video is private... and I really wanna watch it   D:
Where do I find it for $336? I've searched and the lowest was about $390 from ebay.
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