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Pico slim reduced to 300 shipped. Final price. Great deal for a limited edition in this condition.
Up for sale is an AMB M3 M³ Amp and the matching Sigma 11 σ11 PSU. Both the amp and psu are built by Ying of YMB Audio. The M3 amp has the bass-boost knob upgrade and 3xOPA627 opamps. The amp and psu are in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION; however, their exterior cases are very beat-up. This setup was my main desktop amp that went to hell and came back. I moved it around for a lot from different places to different places (namely across states, between amateur studios, in 35+...
iPod has been sold, take a look at my other two amps!
Sold, thank you for your interest.
I'm looking for a small-footprint "transportable" Amp/usb-DAC unit that will pair will with HD800s. Budget can extend, but I would love to keep it under the $1000 mark. Currently I am looking at: Woo WA7: Tube amp, very beautiful with a 32/192 - $900 (a little on the pricey side) ALO Pan Am: Tube amp with a nice 24/96 - $600 (good price but will probably need the handy and expensive "passport" battery) Schiit Magni amp + Modi DAC: SS amp and USB DAC  - $200...
Sennheiser's open-back range (e.g. HD558, 5xx) are known for delightfully smooth, detailed, and forward mids. Anything below mid-bass is non-existent and highs are rolled off quite early with little extension. They will be well under $200 and you can easily find a deal on them most of the time.
Yeah, I'll post one up in a couple hours. I'm fiddling with my camera since the battery stopped working or something.
My recent acquisition of custom-colored HD800 headphones from Colorware. And yes, they sound as good as they look.                                
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