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It was ordered more than 24 hours ago.... I looked over my receipt and it said that there would be a 25% restocking fee Buyer's remorse   WAIT: I'm going to actually call them about it later if I can   EDIT: No, I deserve this. I won't cancel it   EDIT2: No, I can't justify it!   EDIT3: It's a treat, I promise I won't buy any headphones for years!
Oh god, what have I done I just placed an order on a pair of HD800s in blue and white from Colorware. I thought it was an amazing price since the painting is practically free. Recent HD800 price hikes (due to the release of th HD700s) have pushed up to $1500 and Colorware shipping cost me a whopping $26 I just realized that no matter how beautiful they look they can only stay at home... And I cannot justify using 1500 dollar headphones when I'm barely making ends meet...
The video is private... and I really wanna watch it   D:
Where do I find it for $336? I've searched and the lowest was about $390 from ebay.
They all look mediocre. Try Swan M10. unbeatable for the price. No, really.
Sorry if this doesn't belong in the right forum.    What would be a reasonable price to pay for a used but like-new condition Westone 4 IEMs? All accessories are included. I have the opportunity to snatch them up from a friend but I'm not sure how much I should offer.    Thanks in advance.
+1, how does this compare with the competition in its price range? 
Schiit Valhalla is a favorite around here.    I agree, the P5s are not even close to the sound of the 650s. It's like comparing one of those funny little portable battery-powered speakers to a B&W 800.
I'm eagerly waiting for a full-fledged detail review of the 900s.    Needless to say, they look awesome and probably smell awesome too.    Detachable cable may be finnicky. Looks easy to come off seeing that it's a "snap" or direct friction fit rather than any locking system or something to keep it from falling apart. It's not like anyone is going to change cables every day so they should have implemented a better more secure design. 
Did some Google searching as both my P5 cables have been worn up. I found what looks to be a decent cable. Looked up a forum or two and they mentioned a "Marantz PEC/P5 cable" which led me to this. Some more quick searching and I found the Japanese (It's Japan Amazon!) Amazon page for the PEC/P5 Upgrade Cable   The display price is 6300 Japanese Yen, which translates to roughly $81 USD. This is much cheaper than the Stefan Audioart P5 Cable which goes for...
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