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I'm pretty sure that if you contact Sennheiser, you can directly purchase a single driver unit from them. 
How would you compared the T5P with the HD800?
What makes the th900 better than the t5p?
They are both around the same price, fostex being a bit more expensive. I'm looking for a high end closed back driven without a dedicated amp. I have narrowed it down to these two. My focus is on comfort and sound quality. I want something on the neutral side but smooth/non fatiguing. Comfort for long sessions is a MUST (I wear glasses), I'm gonna be using these sometime for 6+ hours at a time. If you have other suggestions let me know. Must not leak sound (closed backs...
Up for sale is a pair of Sony MDR-MA900 headphones. Like-new condition, no issues at all, not a scratch. Comes with what’s pictured, part of the original box (don’t have the cover) and the headphones. One of the most comfortable headphones ever made. Price includes CONUS shipping. I will cover all PayPal fees. 
Purchased for $262.78 from Magnolia Hi-Fi a little less than a year ago. $150 is cheaper than eBay. Very clean, only minimal, unnoticeable paint wear at the edges. Used for probably 120 hours and then put away.  I will include the original box and manuals. I do not  have the 1/4 adapter. Price includes CONUS shipping.  Any questions, interest, concerns, etc. just PM me.   Thanks for looking.   SOLD
Kef M500 headphones – Like New condition, purchased from Razor Dog Audio brand new some months ago, very little usage. Should still have original warranty left.   Like New means that other than the opened packaging, there is practically not difference between a new pair and this pair. No marks, not a scratch, no issues, I just tested them today and they sounded great. Very comfy! Drivers aren’t even burned in yet. I’m selling these to fund a purchase for custom IEMs....
For sale is an HD650 that i purchased about 2 months ago. Very very rarely used, so you basically can't tell the difference between this pair and a brand new pair. Used with an audioquest dragonfly, well cared for. Maybe 20 hours on it? Probably hasn't even been broken in yet. Comes with the original box and papers.    I have no use for open-back headphones anymore because I have moved to nearfield speakers (adam a7x) and when I need isolation I use my iems (etymotic...
UPDATE: Only one left. Grab it while it's hot!   I have for your purchasing pleasure: One Audioquest Dragonfly USB DAC/AMP unit. It is in PERFECT condition. Not a single scratch. It functions FLAWLESSLY. It include the original boxes. I have owned this one for 3 months now. I used it with my Adam A7x monitors, connected to my desktop computer and only used at home. It sounded great. I can guarantee that it works perfectly. I am selling it because I need the money...
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