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A simple question that has me somewhat puzzled. I somewhat understand how soundstage works in headphones. Big factors include the angle and distance between the driver and the ear can make the headphone sound intimate (hd25) or immersive and deep (hd800). But when this distance/angle factor is gone and sound waves come so close in the canal, what makes some IEMs have a larger or smaller soundstage than others? How much does basic frequency response play from here? What...
Durable as heck? Light, small, and portable? Great for doing everything in? Easy to drive from portable sources? Sennheiser HD25-1 ii. Checks every criteria.
I would suggest the Beyerdynamic custom one pros. They really have that deep, punchy bass and crispy, decently extended highs for hip hop. I actually prefer it to the aging flagship M50s.
Pico slim price reduced. Final price. A great deal for this limited edition.
Pico slim reduced to 300 shipped. Final price. Great deal for a limited edition in this condition.
Up for sale is an AMB M3 M³ Amp and the matching Sigma 11 σ11 PSU. Both the amp and psu are built by Ying of YMB Audio. The M3 amp has the bass-boost knob upgrade and 3xOPA627 opamps. The amp and psu are in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION; however, their exterior cases are very beat-up. This setup was my main desktop amp that went to hell and came back. I moved it around for a lot from different places to different places (namely across states, between amateur studios, in 35+...
iPod has been sold, take a look at my other two amps!
Sold, thank you for your interest.
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