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Feel free to make offers, I would prefer to sell to Head-Fi people rather than eBay
So I purchased the Beyerdynamic T5P for myself a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately for me, I have to fund my other obsessions (drums, cymbals). These have been barely used, probably less than 15 hours of play time. Absolutely perfect in every way, not a scratch or any sign of usage. As a drummer, I've been mostly using IEMs while playing. The T5Ps sound great, are wonderfully comfortable and still have the 5 year warranty (minus the few weeks that I've used them). Price...
Thanks for the suggestion! I didn't know Schiit came out with a new version of the Asgard with preamp outs. This thing is exactly what I need.What would be a good USB DAC for the rest of my budget? ($250)I have seen good reviews of the ODAC and Modi, 
So I just got a pair of T5Ps and I'm looking for a decent Amp/DAC unit to drive them. The Amp/DAC must also have RCA out so I can connect them to my monitors. Since the T5Ps are low-impedance and very efficient, I would like a low impedance headphone output without too much power. The sound should be fairly warm or neutral (bright doesn't pair well with clean/neutral T5P). I will be using it at home so I do not need battery power. By Amp/DAC I mean one unit that has both a...
I'm pretty sure that if you contact Sennheiser, you can directly purchase a single driver unit from them. 
How would you compared the T5P with the HD800?
What makes the th900 better than the t5p?
They are both around the same price, fostex being a bit more expensive. I'm looking for a high end closed back driven without a dedicated amp. I have narrowed it down to these two. My focus is on comfort and sound quality. I want something on the neutral side but smooth/non fatiguing. Comfort for long sessions is a MUST (I wear glasses), I'm gonna be using these sometime for 6+ hours at a time. If you have other suggestions let me know. Must not leak sound (closed backs...
Up for sale is a pair of Sony MDR-MA900 headphones. Like-new condition, no issues at all, not a scratch. Comes with what’s pictured, part of the original box (don’t have the cover) and the headphones. One of the most comfortable headphones ever made. Price includes CONUS shipping. I will cover all PayPal fees. 
Purchased for $262.78 from Magnolia Hi-Fi a little less than a year ago. $150 is cheaper than eBay. Very clean, only minimal, unnoticeable paint wear at the edges. Used for probably 120 hours and then put away.  I will include the original box and manuals. I do not  have the 1/4 adapter. Price includes CONUS shipping.  Any questions, interest, concerns, etc. just PM me.   Thanks for looking.   SOLD
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