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Maybe I'll finally be inclined to buy an Audeze. I've always enjoyed their sound signature, but the ergonomics have held me back.
Hey all,   I'm looking for a powered subwoofer to pair with my Adam A7x powered monitors. I no longer actually use them to monitor or do critical listening for mixing and such (have invested in a totally separate setup in another studio) so they will sit in my living room desktop rig. I'm looking at a couple of choices:   Adam Sub7/Sub8/Sub10 SVS SB-1000/SB-2000 KRK 10s/12s   I'm trying to keep it under $1k, but it needs to fill up a medium sized living room space...
Agreed, get the Beyer over the Grado and AKG for electronic. I have personally owned the AKG K701 and Beyers DT770, and a pair of 125 (somewhat similar to the 225), the Beyer is just more enjoyable for me. 
I've been cycled through a few amps and headphones in the past year or so. I began with an HD600, went through amps including a Schiit Asgard 2, Schiit Valhalla 1 stock tubes,  Woo Audio WA7 stock tubes, and a Fostex HP-A4. I sold the WA7 a month ago, the Valhalla 2 months ago (did NOT like the Valhalla), Asgard was good but I exchanged it with a friend for his old HD650. I then sold my HD650 and HD600 and bought a pair of HD580-Jubilee. So I have the HP-A4 left, which I...
Just made a pre-order for the Draug V2 in Black/Brown 5-foot HD600/650, terminated in a Furutech FT-763 with a Makassar Ebony engraved black painted splitter. Very excited. Any idea on the wait time? 
Grado RS1i, works perfectly with no issues. About 50 hours of usage. Mint condition, very minimal wear. Upgraded headband that is much more comfortable, will also come with stock headband. Any questions or interest or concerns just PM me. Will consider trade for Schiit Asgard 2 + cash. 
Feel free to make offers, I would prefer to sell to Head-Fi people rather than eBay
So I purchased the Beyerdynamic T5P for myself a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately for me, I have to fund my other obsessions (drums, cymbals). These have been barely used, probably less than 15 hours of play time. Absolutely perfect in every way, not a scratch or any sign of usage. As a drummer, I've been mostly using IEMs while playing. The T5Ps sound great, are wonderfully comfortable and still have the 5 year warranty (minus the few weeks that I've used them). Price...
Thanks for the suggestion! I didn't know Schiit came out with a new version of the Asgard with preamp outs. This thing is exactly what I need.What would be a good USB DAC for the rest of my budget? ($250)I have seen good reviews of the ODAC and Modi, 
So I just got a pair of T5Ps and I'm looking for a decent Amp/DAC unit to drive them. The Amp/DAC must also have RCA out so I can connect them to my monitors. Since the T5Ps are low-impedance and very efficient, I would like a low impedance headphone output without too much power. The sound should be fairly warm or neutral (bright doesn't pair well with clean/neutral T5P). I will be using it at home so I do not need battery power. By Amp/DAC I mean one unit that has both a...
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