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Here''s a listing for my friend's perfect pair of Hifiman HE-400.    "Lightly used, not even burned in. About 10 hours play time. Didn't like em. Comes with protective case and cable. Selling because of family issues."   Paypal payment only. 
Up for sale is a perfect example of a low hours Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies with the WA7TP tube power supply unit. They come with both the stock Sovtek 6C45 tubes and the Electro Harmonix 6C45 upgrade tubes. The WA7TP comes with the stock Woo Audio selected 12AU7 tubes.   Everything is in pristine, immaculate condition without a single scratch or blemish. Picture shows some fingerprints and dust (the glass is a fingerprint magnet!) No signs of usage at all. Everything has <40...
Could not cope for comfort issues on my LCD-3F after two months. To the classifieds they go. 
Up for sale is a pristine, perfect, like-new Audeze LCD-3 Fazor in brown lambskin and zebrano/zebrawood. They are less than two months old. It comes with the updated Pelican durable travel case, the two original cables (¼ and XLR), the original ¼ to ⅛ adapter, and the original envelope containing all the original papers and documentation. I even have the original plastic covers for the headphones and the original Audeze shipping box. Basically you get everything you would...
Up for sale is my pair of Adam A7X active near-field studio monitors. They are in like-new condition, not a single blemish or scratch. They function flawlessly. I am the first owner and purchased them from an authorized retailer. They come with their original boxes, booklets, and power cables (everything you get when you buy them new from a store).    The Adam A7X has rave reviews from just about everybody, I don't even need to talk about their sound. Just google...
Okay, I did about 20 hours of burn in (white noise, pink noise, brown noise, silence, sweep, etc. at listening volumes) For some reason now the imbalance is pretty much gone. I am thoroughly confused. Mono is dead center throughout the audio spectrum and with my spl phone app, both sides are matched to within .5 db (the app goes to 0.1 dbs but I don't believe the app is really more accurate than 0.5db). I am not a firm believer of burn in but I always do it as part of my...
 I swapped the cable connections and I'm getting the same issue. In mono, the left side is louder. I don't think it's a cable issue based on the results of my tests, but I might be wrong. I am using the stock 1/4 Audeze flat cable I received with the LCD3.
Ordered an LCD3 on 1/16/14 directly from the Audeze site, just got it today. Channel imbalance issues, left ear has audibly louder bass response. Tested with 3 sources, all on mono, also used an SPL meter on my phone. Very disappointing. Hopefully Audeze customer service is quick and I don't have to pay return shipping for a defective product. What a shame, the sound was pretty great otherwise. Love the voicing. But I really expect more from a $2000 pair of headphones. 
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