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Is there a specific age requirement? As I'm a great headphone enthusiast at the age of 15. 
Got my Amperiors 2 weeks ago... Beautiful, enough said.
As with all V-Moda headphones, the band is so bendy, if you just bend it inside out then you can loosen the clamping force. 
Guys, what's the fit like on these headphones? The Amperiors (and HD25s, of course) fit on my head perfectly with a comfortable clamping strength unlike other reviews I've heard. I have a very thin head and many headphones, like the AIAIAI TMA-1s slip straight off my head :/ I haven't had the chance to listen to a pair as they haven't gone up on display at my local Apple store and I'm not sure I'll be allowed to open a box to try them ;) cheers
If anyone wants to know what they look like on the head, watch this video and skip to 0:26 :) Enjoy 
On the HMV website, they said they will come out on the 25th of October however I need the headphones before the 18th as I'm going off to Singapore and I'd love to have them before the flight. Are they really in the apple store? They aren't on the website yet! God Sennheiser seem as if they don't want these beauts to be found! ;)
I've been looking to buy the Momentum's in the UK, and somehow John Lewis have them?! I swear these would be exclusive to Apple? I know you can get them on Razor Dog Deals but I just don't understand?! Have John Lewis mixed it up with a pre order as according to the website, they have lots in stock. Explain?
Argh seriously this has made things very difficult for me. I have just listened to the Amperiors for an hour in the Apple store and I have fallen in love with them but the Momentum also ticks every box for me. I've had V-Moda's (Namely the Crossfades), and I understand that V-Moda have gone down the Audiophile route but I want something new so I don't really want to get the M-100s, The new MDR-1Rs seem quite nice however Sony haven't really made anything groundbreaking...
Cowon J3.
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