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These are only a month old - bought from Amazon at full price. I also purchased the Linum cable which is incredibly thin and a great upgrade in comfort and convenience over the stock cable.   I have since been given a pair of AK Angie which I prefer so I am selling these for £210 all included.   I'll also trade for full size headphones so feel free to make an offer.
I have a few items I'm looking to trade (could sell too but trading is the priority). I'm based in the UK so would prefer to keep trades within the EU but will ship anywhere if I'm interested in the deal so feel free to make trade offers. All items are boxed and with all accessories unless stated otherwise. Currently I'm not looking for anything in particular so willing to consider any offers for IEMs, headphones or DACs/Amps.   Not too interested in DAPs at the moment...
Anyone had issues yet with the 1gb partition for apps? This seems ridiculously small for an android device. I have only installed a few different media players and chrome and I'm already at 700mb. Is there a way to install apps onto the main internal drive or onto the external sd?   I'm okay with rooting if this is the only option as I did so once already for viper4android - reverted to stock as I didn't hear a noticeable difference.
Thanks, I thought as much. I did already buy one but am buying a BTS too - I imagine I'll give away the cheap one to friends/family
Anyone know if the mymemory bluetooth adapter is the same as the Noble BTS? http://www.mymemory.co.uk/Bluetooth-Accessories/MyMemory/MyMemory-Wireless-Bluetooth-Receiver-with-Microphone    Am tempted to get it as it's cheaper but it might be an inferior copy. Looks the same though:  
I had lots of issues with music not being recognised in MP3 and FLAC format. I tried numerous tag editors but certain songs did not seem to be recognised regardless of what I did. As counterintuitive as it sounds my way around this problem was converting these files to Apple lossless and AAC - after that everything was recognised no problem.
Hi - the R2Pros are selling for £199 now directly from Flare Audio on their Amazon store so it might be a tough sell at this price.   http://www.amazon.co.uk/Flare-Audio-Titanium-medium-standard/dp/B013GOJ2MI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1453590164&sr=8-1&keywords=flare+r2pro
After several purchases it's time to slim down my collection again. All prices include paypal and shipping within the UK, add £10 for shipping internationally. I'll consider trades and I'll also offer discounts if you buy multiple items.   Dunu Titan 3 - LNIB - £60   Trinity Delta - LNIB - £35   Etymotic ER4P - Very good condition, includes plastic box with all accessories included - £95   VE Zen 2.0 Earbuds - LNIB - £90   Sound magic E10 - free with the first...
Like new pair of R1 headphones. A few pictures attached. I'm looking to trade for anything interesting - in particular I'm looking for DAPs and open headphones but I'll consider any trade offers.   I'd also be willing to sell but am not sure about the pricing with these as the price varies wildly on these headphones, so feel free to make an offer.   Edit: Now selling too - price includes shipping and paypal fees.
HI @Gilly87 , just checking when I should be expecting my Finders - I went for the "Early Finder" option but only did so on the 10th December. Does that mean mine have already shipped or that they'll ship for delivery in January? Am fine either way, just wanted to know whether to expect them soon or prepare myself to wait a but longer!
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