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I was very tempted to buy the Beolit 15 but since I'm in the UK the shipping costs would be huge. If I were in the US I'd definitely get one though.
Yeah I'm in the UK so I went through the Borderlinx forwarding service. I will have to pay an additional shipping fee but it will still work out much cheaper than buying the A1 and H6 here.
I just did it for the leather colour version along with the A1 speaker. I paid around $170 when it would have cost $549. Am expecting the order to be cancelled but it's worth a shot!
Would like to trade my Super Dupont Modded HD800s for LCD2s or similar value open headphones. I can also include other items from my classified depending on the value of the headphones you would like to trade:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/811841/several-headphones-iems-and-more-to-sell-trade-make-an-offer
Not really head-fi but I'm sure someone might be interested in this. It's boxed in good condition - the black leather strap shows a little wear but is still in good condition and the watch is in excellent condition. Boxed with everything included.    Happy to sell or trade for a decent DAP, IEM or headphone. I am selling trading several other items too and would be happy to trade multiple items for something I'm very interested in, e.g:   Audeze Sine Oppo PMP3 A...
Always looking to try out new things so am looking to trade/sell a few recent purchases.   I don't currently have anything specific in mind for trade so feel free to make an offer - headphones, IEMs, earbuds, DAPs, Amps and DACs will all be considered.     Focal Spirit Professional (unboxed in very good condition) - £90 Jays u-Jays Headphones (Like new in box) - £85 Nuforce HEM8 IEMs (Like new in box) - £120 FiiO EX1 / Dunu Titans (Like new in box) -...
Is there a way to exclude specific folders/files from being deleted?   I'm using Dapper with several devices and it works great but currently it doesn't play well with rock boxed DAPs,  since it deletes the .rockbox folder every time it syncs. At the moment I have to select "never delete any files on the DAP" but this isn't an ideal solution.
I'm looking to trade my OMX980 earbuds. They're the same as the MX980/MX985 which is ranked by ClieOS as the number 1 earbud, except they have ear hooks. I would like to trade them for other earbuds such as the Shozy Cygnus or the VE Zen (I prefer the 1st version but would also consider trading for the Zen 2.0)   Feel free to make an offer if interested.
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