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These are available at penonaudio now for $69
Not earbuds I know but as other people have mentioned them I have decided to be one of the first guinea pigs to buy the Dasetn IE800 and CKW1000. I went for the cheapest IE800 ($45) and the wood and boxed CKW1000 ($66). Ordered about a week ago so I'll give impressions ASAP...   Also for anyone considering the Dasetn EarPods, honestly they're not worth it. They're easily outclassed in every respect by the Baldoor E100, Blox and Dasetn buds.
Price reduced.
Still available.
If you have a stock or custom D600 or D7100 cable and are willing to sell PM me with your price. Thanks in advance!   If you prefer I also have several items up for sale that I can trade for the cables.
Yuin PK1s with original wooden box, cylindrical case and foam tips. I loaned these to another head-fier who noticed a channel imbalance. When I received them back I re-cabled them using the cable from a Tingo TC100 (which is widely praised for the quality of its cable, check the 'Tingo thread' for examples). The channel imbalance is no longer present, but I've found myself using these less and less as I'm moving away from amps for portable use. One small issue - as you...
Looking to sell a 4th Gen iPod (the last version with a monochrome screen). It has been modded with a IDE to compact flash adapter and a CF to SD card with 128GB installed. The SD card has increased the capacity, responsiveness and especially the battery life significantly (the battery was also replaced with a new original Apple battery 6 months ago.)   The iPod is in excellent condition for its age - very few signs of wear to the front or back, as it has been in a case...
Checking on any interest in trades - used this for around a month but just prefer my 'dumb' watches, and am sure that someone else would use it more. Boxed and excellent condition, all original accessories included and both original straps (black metal and leather).   Interested in any reasonable trades - IEMs or headphones. I'm in the UK so would prefer to trade within the EU but I'll ship anywhere for the right trade.   Edit: Also have the email receipt that I can...
Anyone receive their Penon IEMs yet?
Selling these reluctantly in order to get my laptop fixed. These are in great condition and come with the original plastic box, filters and tool and various tips. I no longer have the small IEM pouch but will include the official 'deluxe' pouch I bought directly from Etymotic.   Selling takes priority but I will always consider interesting trades.   Price includes shipping in the UK, add £5 for anywhere else to cover some of the extra shipping costs.
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