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Yep. Popping/clicking has been a problem when using as a Mac/Linux DAC since 2.4.0 You just need to go back to 2.3.0 for a working version.
Bought only a couple of months ago directly from Amazon so still in warranty and boxed. These are the all black/silver version.   Prince includes shipping and paypal's fees anywhere - for shipping within the UK I'll take £10 off the price.   I'm also willing to consider trades - nothing specific in mind so feel free to make an offer (I can add cash if it's a deal I'm interested in)
Bought these in August directly from hifiheadphones (an official dealer) but they've seen hardly any use - 5 hours max. since I received several items at once around the same time and never really used them much.    Original box/tin included along with everything else. Only problem when they arrived was a couple of pairs of the tips were a little squashed looking when I received them. This doesn't affect the fit though.   Also willing to consider any interesting...
Boxed, with velour and leather headbands included. Original HE-400 not the newer i or S version. Received these in a trade and I slightly prefer the HD650s to these, more for comfort than sound.   Happy to consider any trades for similar value IEMs or headphones etc. so feel free to make an offer.
I have really enjoyed owning these earphones, they rank up there with any that I have heard (and by this point I've heard a lot), but as always curiosity has gotten the better of me and I'm curious to try others.   This is the 'Fat Cable' version, is boxed and includes everything as original except the EVA moulded case and I have just received a new EVA case and brand new tips directly from DITA.   I would like to trade for IEMs of a similar level. I can also add cash...
Yep still available
Hi Carmel,    Sorry wouldn't be too interested in the ESW9. I've owned a pair before and sold them fairly quickly.   Regards,   Stephen
Thought it might be worth a try to sell or trade this phone here. The S7 Edge is a fantastic phone for general use but in my opinion other phones have better audio quality, e.g. my previous iPhone had slightly better sound. I'd therefore like to see if anyone wants to buy this or trade their 6S plus or LG V10/V20 for my S7 Edge. These are the phones I'd like off the top of my head but would also consider any other flagship level phones. +/- cash as necessary.   My phone...
Just bought this (5 days ago) from an official dealer on Amazon so it is in warranty. It is obviously in like new condition. I am primarily looking to sell but will consider any reasonable trade.   Price includes shipping within the UK, add £10 for shipping internationally.
I bought an FiiO X5ii impulsively since I thought it was an excellent deal. However after a listening test I generally prefer to use my mojo in most situations and just my phone in others.   FiiO X5ii - Boxed as new - £150 (same price I paid)   Price includes shipping within the UK, add £10 for shipping internationally.   Also willing to trade so feel free to make an offer
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