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These were a gift, only 3 months old but everything included - 2 cables, case, manual, original boxes etc. I have purchased the PM-1 lambskin leather pads too so will also include those (bought separately 2 weeks ago for £49).   Looking to sell or trade for comparable headphones or IEMs - of course +/- cash if necessary.   I'm in the UK so would prefer a sale within the UK/EU but will ship anywhere at cost.
I bought these on a whim because of the low Black Friday price but don't really need them, so selling at the same low price for those that missed it. They are boxed with all accessories (which are numerous) and have been used for maybe 4 hours maximum.   Price includes shipping within the UK, add £10 for shipping anywhere else.
Selling a boxed and like new pair of P5 S2 headphones. They're only 3 months old have all original accessories (padded pouch, 2 cables and 6.35mm adapter).   I'll also consider trades - nothing specific in mind so feel free to make an offer.   Price includes shipping in the UK, add £10 for shipping anywhere else.
As the title says I have a pair of 2012 LCD-2s (pre-razor late rev 1) These are in fantastic condition, I have just replaced the headband for a leather headband and new pads but will include the original headband too. Paperwork all included but the original wooden presentation box is not included. I'm in the UK so would prefer a sale in the UK/EU but will post anywhere at cost. I would also consider selling or trading for a pair of HD800/HD800S, Focal Elear or similar....
Sennheiser HD580 in good working condition. These are unboxed, have black drivers, fairly new pads (3-4 months old) along with a HD600 cable.   They're excellent but am whittling down my collection to a bare minimum due to a lack of space for them.    Price includes shipping in the UK, add £10 for shipping anywhere else.   Willing to consider trades for IEMs or DAPs - can add cash for a deal that interests me.
I see a few people have upgraded to the carbon fibre headband so if anyone has a spare headband let me know your price as I'm definitely interested. Don't mind if it's the leather or microsuede version.   I'm based in the UK so please bear this in mind if making an offer.
Just added photos. To answer your questions focus pads are currently installed and I have velour pads too (unused) as pictured. I'm based in Milton Keynes.
I haven't renewed my ad? Apologies for not replying quickly to your message, haven't been on here since placing the ad.
I stepped on these and broke one side of the headband so these are currently wrapped in duct tape on the left side, but they work perfectly and sound great. I haven't used these in forever - in fact I forgot I owned them until cleaning out my office - so I am sure someone would use these more than me, so am happy to pass them on to someone who would make use of them, hence the low price.   FYI they are completely usable currently but just look a little ugly due to the...
Yep. Popping/clicking has been a problem when using as a Mac/Linux DAC since 2.4.0 You just need to go back to 2.3.0 for a working version.
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