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Thanks for your opinions - have you compared these to Yuin earbuds yet? If you don't have them and are in the UK/EU I don't mind loaning my PK1 and PK2 to you.
Clearing out a few items simply because I have accrued too many headphones, IEMs and earbuds to actually use. Prices include shipping within the UK, add £5 for anywhere else. If you want more than one item I'll can offer a discount.   Headphones   Sony MA-900 - unboxed in excellent condition with foam pouch and jack adapter - £150   JVC S400 - Unboxed and dynamite modded on inside of the cups (not visible) - £10   Earphones   TBK BA-200 - Boxed with tips....
RE-400s including the original box and the earphone case that came extra and the bag of ear tips. Price is fairly low because the strain reliefs are loose and have been glued back on. This is barely noticeable and is a common issue with these earphones, but I have lowered the price accordingly.   Shipping is free within the UK, anywhere else add £5.
Unboxed with 2 new grey filters and 2 spare. The earphones are unboxed but in excellent condition and will come with the original Audeo earphone case.  These are the 122 version with mic.   Unfortunately I do not have any of the original grey tips, hence the low price, but will include 1 new pair of comply TS foams and another pair of comply P foams. Silicon tips are cheap so this shouldn't be too much of a hassle to replace.   Shipping is free within the UK, add £5...
Looking to trade this as I no longer use it for Mr Speakers Mad Dogs, or something similar. Vita is in good condition and boxed with 6 games and 2 memory cards (1 is 32gb and the other is 16gb). The games are:   Final Fantasy X HD Remaster Persona 4 Golden Tearaway Virtua Tennis 4 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Rayman Legends   PM with any offers - will consider any sensible offer. I'll also sell if you have a reasonable offer but trading takes priority at the...
I'm guessing most people on this thread prefer earbuds, but has anybody bought any of the in-ear earphones on Dasetn's site? If so do they offer similar value for money?
That's perfect thanks - I've looked around for filters for a while and couldn't find them, 
Selling/trading my extra pair of ANV3se, so if anyone missed out on the BE5 and wants to get hold of some Blox earbuds here's your chance.
Excellent condition Blox ANV3SE with original box and extra bag of foam sleeves. Selling because I have two of them and a pair of M2Cs, so I don't need them all. Probably less than 5 hrs listening time as these are my backup pair.   Price includes shipping within the UK/EU, add £5 shipping anywhere else.   Trades also considered - nothing specific in mind so I'll consider any offers.
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