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Yeah I agree groups aren't that popular, but at the very least it might be useful for members to have a group logo in their signature linking to this thread - that's how I found out about and joined the UK group. In any case I'm glad this club was started - through this club I have completed 2 trades so far I think (and I am in the middle of trades with @moriez and @kununa currently). We are building a great group of trustworthy and knowledgeable European members to trade...
Would it be more effective if we created our own group instead of just a thread? 
Absolutely - seems wise to wait and see if we can get more people interested - especially if we can make this an 'official' tour. Either way I'm happy to let people audition my own pair in Europe if shipping costs are covered. Perhaps if we can drum up enough interest I'll contact Lee for a an audition pair, otherwise I'll do it myself. When we get, say 5 or 6 people interested I'll begin, with @sososerious at the top of the list.
Hey @sososerious ,   Would be happy for you to audition the Zens. Let me know your address etc. via PM and we'll get it done. The monks are great but I was astounded by the Zen. I think some of my IEMs and headphones are technically better but as corny as it sounds I tend to reach for my Zens before anything else.
For those in the UK/EU I'm happy to organise a tour/audition of the VE Zen (officially or by myself). I am even happy to share my personal pair of VE Zens and Monk (will send both together) to spread the word about these incredible earbuds. To give perspective  I have owned basically every high end pair of earbuds - MX980/985, Yuin PK1 + OK1, Blox BE5/BE7 etc. and there is no comparison. The only contenders I have not personally owned that might compete are the TM5/TM7.
Reluctantly selling this because although it's the best DAP I've owned I just don't use it enough to justify keeping it. I am the second owner (bought a month ago here on head-fi). The DAP is unboxed and comes with just the silicon sleeve and USB cable but is in excellent condition. It has been updated to the latest firmware so can be used as a USB DAC/Amp with Mac/Linux in addition to Windows.   I can also include one of the following items  (whichever you prefer) as I...
Boxed, everything included in excellent condition. Unique dual driver earbud (1BA+1 dynamic driver in each earpiece). Selling as I have a lot of IEMs and earbuds now and am trying to whittle down to a couple of pairs.   Price includes shipping within the UK and paypal fees. Add £5 for shipping anywhere else. I'll also consider trades, nothing specific in mind so feel free to make an offer.
Great condition, with 2 sets of pads - original and the larger GS/PS pads - included. Received these in a trade recently but still find comfort an issue with Grado style headphones.   Price includes shipping within the UK and paypal fees, add £10 for shipping anywhere else. I will also consider trades for other open headphones or IEMs (+/- cash if necessary)
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