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Looking to trade these for an open pair. These are fantastic as countless people have already stated, in fact for my preferences I prefer them to the Alpha Primes, TH900 and ZMF Vibro II. However I no longer have an open pair so would like to trade for a similar value open pair.    I can also add cash if the headphones you offer are worth more. I have listed this as a UK/EU trade but I'm fine shipping anywhere provided we both send with tracking.
I bought these on eBay a little while back as I was always curious about the old ZMF Master model. I had originally planned to eventually send them in for an upgrade to Vibro II (which is $250 to do) but have gone in a different direction.   Based on the name of the seller and their colour combination/appearance I am 100% sure that these are the exact pair reviewed on the following...
Looking to buy these three headphones. With regards to the Audeze I am mainly looking for the 2.2 non-Fazor version but I'll consider the Fazor version too. I'm not bothered which Fostex-THx00 version you are offering with regards to wood choice etc.   I'm based in the UK so if you have one of these you'd be willing to sell contact me with your price including shipping. I am happy to pay cash or include some of my items from my for sale/trade listing.
Bought this a week ago so it's in like new condition and comes with a receipt from an authorised seller. The original cable arrived faulty so I'm waiting for a replacement from Audio Affair, however I have purchased a third party cable that works great. I can forward on the original cable when it arrives if you like.   In terms of trades I'll consider anything, particularly amps at the moment.   Price includes shipping within the UK, add £10 for shipping anywhere...
Just received these in a trade. They are boxed and in excellent condition with all accessories included as original. While they're great I slightly prefer my q-jays, so these are up for sale or trade. Price includes paypal fees and shipping within the UK, add £10 for shipping anywhere else.   For trades I'm fairly open minded so feel free to make an offer. I have a few other items still for sale in my other listing which I can include for a trade I'm particularly...
I was very tempted to buy the Beolit 15 but since I'm in the UK the shipping costs would be huge. If I were in the US I'd definitely get one though.
Yeah I'm in the UK so I went through the Borderlinx forwarding service. I will have to pay an additional shipping fee but it will still work out much cheaper than buying the A1 and H6 here.
I just did it for the leather colour version along with the A1 speaker. I paid around $170 when it would have cost $549. Am expecting the order to be cancelled but it's worth a shot!
Would like to trade my Super Dupont Modded HD800s for LCD2s or similar value open headphones. I can also include other items from my classified depending on the value of the headphones you would like to trade:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/811841/several-headphones-iems-and-more-to-sell-trade-make-an-offer
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