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This was posted on Tokyo Otaku Mode, TDK's earphones for Anime and Gaming... Not too much info, prices, or if it's a Japan exclusive, they look pretty cool and appear to pivot.
Hmm  another month, well considering we were told late 2014 initially, not a big surprise, Baycode only just got his demo unit which implies production hasn't fully ramped up.  I'd rather wait another month, get a few decent reviews in, then place an order, than get it rushed to market and have the company's rep trashed by some flawed early product. On a side note, received my JVC Spiral Dot tips, I chose the medium size based on my Sony hybrids sizing even though I have...
As a Trance/EDM fan, I think I'll be happy with the B6 Pirate based on what other iems I like, as long as it doesn't sacrifice treble like the B3 Pro-II(from reviews I've read). Dynamic drivers tend to work better with that type of music, as opposed to balanced armatures, now if the B9 were a hybrid BA/Dynamic, hmmm, this might get expensive
Nothing confirmed yet but seeing as how Havi has it listed on their site it should be soon, check back daily for updates from Baycode and other posters, also online shops like  and likely to have them for sale earlier than most other retailers.
You could always pick up something like this... I like my FiiO E7, it's nothing too special but it does the job and FiiO's price point is decent. Not sure what local Vision's FiiO stock is like, I got burned buying too much US B-stock and grey-stock from them in the past that I avoid them but they've cleaned up their act lately.   edit: oops, shoulda posted the the E07k, the... Looks as though Havi has updated their B6 page and new photos.
Love the B6 pics!  I've thought the B3 would be visually improved with Carbon inserts IMHO, just waiting to read a comparison review of the bassy/regular versions, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering these. 
Just my two cents and it's entirely personal opinion so to the uninitiated I'd suggest trying out several free apps or the free trial versions, each app has different playback interfaces and aren't always intuitive and certain apps will dramatically colorize your music--good and bad.   For neutral sound I prefer Denon over Accudio and EQu personally, but I often like the increased soundstage that BBE provides.     Of special note, I had completely given up on...
Not a personal endorsement or anything as I know absolutely nothing about guitar amps but if you're interested in a locally made Bass Guitar amp or you would like to tweak an amp you already own, a buddy of mine is making these...
Nice, where did you source your cables from?, did you find those to be too big?
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