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pm'd regarding the A5
If anyone happens to see a great deal on a home theater subwoofer let me know.  Over the weekend my MFW-15 finally experienced the amp hum of death. Thanks
I've been running a lot of the high stakes testing for middle schools lately.  This year there is an audio component so students are told to bring their own headphones or earbuds.  So far out of 200 or so students I've seen: Maybe 25 pairs of beats. Maybe 8 skullcandy (particularly one that is grey with a yellow insignia) 4 razor krakens (really bright green and obvious) Maybe a dozen apple ear pods 10 or so of the low end Sony black or white headphones And lots and...
Hello all, I have a weird question for you.  I'm a middle school technology teacher that managed to get my hands on a 3d printer.  It is a makerbot replicator 2.  It isn't amazing, but I'd really love to try making some basic headphones for student projects.  Mad dogs these aren't.  I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for ultra cheap drivers or headbands.  Wire is cheap enough and we will try printing the cups (and it should be a good experiment to see what...
Darn you Mr Makarov.  You are bad for my wallet.  Just picked up a live cd from Pelageya (begins with a T) and 6 cds by Love Spirals Downward.  I've never heard of that one and love it. This thread is really dangerous to my finances.
Darn you mab1376, I'm now 10 albums richer and $100 poorer between picking up all of his stuff and Tiger Lilies also (which he did a mix for and was linked to him, which I also ended up liking a lot).
Thanks much for the post FlatulentDonkey.  I ended up picking up both singles from Laura Macri and one EP from Selene.  I really want to get the acoustic set from enkElination, but I couldn't find it anywhere aside from their expired Indiegogo.  I would have backed that in a second if I had seen it in time.   Thanks
Excellent choice.  Fun movie also.
I use a Leckerton UHA 6 mk.II with mine.  Source is a 160gb ipod classic.
Looks like he also did a remix of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  This might be my new holiday mix if I can figure out where to buy these two.  His signature in youtube leads to this but I can't seem to find anything in it.
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