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You are all seeing $80 for the A5pro?  It is showing up $149.99 for me.  Hope I'm just missing something as I've been wanting a pair of these for a while. Thanks
Liking that JFDR -White Sun.  Can't seem to figure out how to purchase it though.
I'd love it if you could post the process for how you did the over ear mod.  These are by far my favorite sounding portables, but I repeatedly keep thinking about selling them due to the comfort. 
Anyone have any recommendations or deals on a record player with usb output? Trying for a last minute present for my father in law. He has a massive collection of records that he has been looking to rip but has never got around to it. Thanks all.
Liking that one illyria, guess I'll be picking it up tomorrow.
Darn you Br777.  I've been doing good lately on not buying a ton of music.  Had to buy both of their albums though after hearing that.  Thanks for the find.
Time to add a few more to the list.  And thanks illyria, just picked up that Jen Wood. Crystal Bright and the Silver Hand -stunning vocalist.  Haven't heard anything this mesmerizing in a long while.  Was lucky enough to hear them live. [[SPOILER]]  The Doubleclicks -Nerdy indie music.  Funny and nice vocals.  And I've had Dimetrodon stuck in my head for a week and counting now. [[SPOILER]]  Farao -nice vocals.  Couldn't find a video of my favorite song Silence....
And time to add another batch: Indila - French amazing sound [[SPOILER]]  Lost in the Fog - Japanese rock/pop [[SPOILER]]  Ormonde - Anna Lynn Williams, one of my favorite voices (main singer of the now gone Trespassers William) (also goes by Lotte Kestner) [[SPOILER]]  Greetje Kauffeld - Dutch jazz singer [[SPOILER]]  Anaria - symphonic metal (and some of the friendliest people in person) [[SPOILER]]  Twin Bandi - two great female folk vocalists for the price of one!...
It's been a while since I've shared on here.  I have a massive list of artists that haven't been posted so I'm finally getting around to it.  Thanks by the way to those who have posted before.  From suggestions on here I've recently picked up Mammifer, Elena House, Emma McGrath, Aurora, Yulia Savicheva, The Sweeplings (I really think we share similar tastes illyria), and I'm sure others. Linda Perhacs: folk sound [[SPOILER]]  Three for Silver- folk? [[SPOILER]]  Jesse...
We tend to share a similar taste in music if I remember right illyria.  For me I get my enjoyment for female vocals most out of my Shure 1540s.
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