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I'll happily volunteer mine as the guinea pigs.  Totally stock.
Received these in the mail and have some initial impressions.   Whoa, that is a lot of bass.  I'm running an ipod classic through my Leckerton and even on a flat eq, that is just so much bass.  They easily outdo my Denon D600s, and make my Shure 1540s sound bass light.  I ran through some of my favorite test tracks on bass just to get an idea of how they sound, and I'll get around to testing a lot of other music over the weekend with them.  As someone said before the...
Excellent find.  Picked this up and the one from her other band.Thanks
I also picked up Monstercat 17.  My favorites were: Aero Chord - Surface Pegboard Nerds - Hero Varien and SirensCeol - Moonlight
   Anyone having any luck getting these to work together somehow?
Heh, I was running around that last year with my ES10s.
I like the sound of that.  Backed them also, and thanks for posting.
Love Celldweller.  One of my 3 favorite artists (Nightwish and Cowboy Junkies being the other two).  I have his entire collection so far and have seen him with Blue Stahli three times.  Ursa Minor live is amazing.
Thanks much for posting these.  From this I bought MitiS and loved the Sean Mackey- Discover (THYME Remix) but couldn't find it anywhere.  Soundcloud didn't have a download for it, not on Itunes, and couldn't find it randomly searching around.
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