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Thanks much for the post FlatulentDonkey.  I ended up picking up both singles from Laura Macri and one EP from Selene.  I really want to get the acoustic set from enkElination, but I couldn't find it anywhere aside from their expired Indiegogo.  I would have backed that in a second if I had seen it in time.   Thanks
Excellent choice.  Fun movie also.
I use a Leckerton UHA 6 mk.II with mine.  Source is a 160gb ipod classic.
Looks like he also did a remix of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  This might be my new holiday mix if I can figure out where to buy these two.  His signature in youtube leads to this but I can't seem to find anything in it.
Just curious, has anyone picked up the MH30?  There doesn't seem to be much at all out there on them aside from a little at the start of this thread.  I love the look and would consider picking up the leather and silver pair, but I really hope that someone has some experience with them.
Yeah, I tried my usual places.  Itunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Bandcamp and had no luck at all.
Wow, really liking those Elin Bell songs.  Anyone find anywhere to buy them?
I'll happily volunteer mine as the guinea pigs.  Totally stock.
Received these in the mail and have some initial impressions.   Whoa, that is a lot of bass.  I'm running an ipod classic through my Leckerton and even on a flat eq, that is just so much bass.  They easily outdo my Denon D600s, and make my Shure 1540s sound bass light.  I ran through some of my favorite test tracks on bass just to get an idea of how they sound, and I'll get around to testing a lot of other music over the weekend with them.  As someone said before the...
Excellent find.  Picked this up and the one from her other band.Thanks
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