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Hi all,   I have a set of ATH-M50X and absolutely love them. I need some in-ears now I'm all over the place with work and don't always want to take these with me. I currently have soundmagic e10s but they aren't really close   No particularly budget but $300 or so would be probably the absolute max. Is there anything thats going to give me a similar sound and quality in-ear?
Sold to bandiera
For sale i have my Little Dot MK II, only 2 months old, but i'm moving away so everything i own is up for sale!   Grado phones are now sold so just this little dot left!   Shipping in the UK only for now, looking for £100 including shipping, its still in warranty with Little Dot! Tubes are in excellent shape, only seen 30-40 hours of use   Sounds absolutely fantastic   Packaged in the packaging it was sent in from HK so very secure,   see pictures...
For sale are my ohrenholz (ohrenholz.com) modded (with cert of authenticity) Grado SR-125i's     They have woodie cups, strengthened with epoxy, recabled for single entry, with the sony headband,   They look and sound INCREDIBLE!   Selling as I'm moving to london and can only take a suitcase of stuff with me (see amplifiers for sale as ill be putting up my LD MK II soon)   They're only 6 weeks old, but this moves come very sudden and its a shame I have...
took USPS 3 weeks to get something to me from the US   they then wouldnt give me my item until i had paid them their ridiculous price (£21 (~$30) for a $100 item)
anyone know where i might find bowl cups in the  UK?
Alot more expensive than i expected, just got my 6G nano but wasnt looking to spend that kinda cash ;D
very sleek! what headphone amp is that?      
Well yes its through inboard but it shudnt effect the quality unless you thought it was bad for some reason? Other option is a usb dac !
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