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Selling my barely used (less than an hour of listening) HD800. I just don't have the time to use them at all. They could with the stock cable as well as three Norne Audio Cables. You pay paypal fees and shipping is included in price.   Here are the two cables included as well as the stock cable   Draug Series - 8x24awg (24-wire) Litz OCC headphone cable    - Configuration: Pure Litz OCC Cu    - Length: 6 ft.    - Draug Headphone Type: Sennheiser HD800    - Termination:...
I'm selling my brand new  Bellina HPA Pro Headphone Amplifier and DAC   It's truly a fantastic DAC and AMP, I went overboard on this and bought what I couldn't really afford. I will take $2500 for this, you pay paypal fees and shipping. It has a walnut finish with a black top
This little beauty right here       Any impressions?
Both in excellent condition, barely used. Westone 4R come with every tip imaginable.   CONUS only!   You pay shipping and paypal fees
Brand new, has a small chip above the keyboard. I just use it to browse the internet in my bed and need some money.   Please don't ask for shipping outside CONUS   You pay shipping and paypal fees. 
is latest firmware still 1.2.8
Yea i've had the HD600s and loved them but sold them because the enviroment I was listening in required closed phones
Yea I'm considering going back to the HD600s or one of higher end beyers
Thanks guys, if you view my profile you can see I've had some fairly expensive headphones my budget is something from 300-600, the grados..while great, I am looking for something more high end
Also the first thing that comes to mind are the Beyerdynamics because of their light fluffy pads.
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