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is latest firmware still 1.2.8
Yea i've had the HD600s and loved them but sold them because the enviroment I was listening in required closed phones
Yea I'm considering going back to the HD600s or one of higher end beyers
Thanks guys, if you view my profile you can see I've had some fairly expensive headphones my budget is something from 300-600, the grados..while great, I am looking for something more high end
Also the first thing that comes to mind are the Beyerdynamics because of their light fluffy pads.
I have to start wearing glasses and right now I have the Mad Dogs and they aren't comfy with my glasses at all what so ever.   Can anyone recommend me some headphones that would be very comfortable with glasses? My glasses are thin they are Rayban new wayfayers   Looking for open-full size headphones. I have the O2/ODAC
I want to get my mom a pair of bluetooth cans to use with her new iPad. Right now she's using some gas station earbuds and I think it'd be nice to upgrade her. I dont want to spend too much money but i dont want to buy her more junk either. Thanks in advance
We still on 1.2.5?   also can anyone tell me if this is just a regular wall socket plug, just fancier   I figured I'd kill two thread with one stone  
Are we still on 1.2.5? 
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