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yes, rubber plug from iphone case :)
    Ak100 > m2m oyaide with blue cardas > Jh3a > Twag Cable   I really love sound of Ak100 and Jh3a can improve the image of sound.   i used m2m coz i want the sound signature of Ak100 . 
busy all year but this time last year weekend ....... lol
as you need   
maybe its time to buy new iem again Fitear togo 334
im still in love with my Jh16 if it possible need Jh3a ".......... lol
i used my ak100 with Jh16 Twag v2 hybrid , very amazing sound and ak100 can beat my hm801 too
love dark grey color !!!
original battery , i'm sure that you cant find in this moment. i heard that it can use same battery as ipod gen3 hope it can help you.
    I used with my JH16   C4= Warmed Sound   Hm801 = Clear Sound , Not warmed and Good mid , Full of energy while listen music            Dx100 = Sound super very flat     So i kept 801 only one    
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