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im looking for computer speakers for my dorm, i listen to indie, house, and mainly rap. anyone have suggestions for good speakers for this around 200ish dollars?
music, so would Klipsh be better?
so of these 3 which should i get, in your opinion?   similar to those, do you think i should just buy new speakers to since they arent that great?
damn well can you give me some good subs to start looking at? and how long will they last? the one i have now lasted like 2 years :\
can someone recommend me some subwoofers for computer speakers that would have good bass? my old sub is broken and i need to get a new one, so are all subwoofers interchangable with speakers? (kind of clueless) and can anyone tell me some subs with decent bass for under 100 bucks?   here are three i found on best...
so instead of investing in higher priced / higher quality speakers i should buy some average ones and get this puppy?
yeah i mean i think its good but i was just curious why other people didn't like it- i have a hard time telling FLAC from 320 kbps to be honest.
I know it doesn't touch the sound of some other codecs like FLAC or WAV, but is it even good? I hear that is isn't that great, but can't find anything online about it? Can some experienced audiophiles help me answer this question? Can you hear a difference between 128 kbps and 256 kbps on good/ decent headphones? (I have Sennheiser 558s).
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