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Aaaand they're gone!
I'm no more selling a pair of L-cushes (AKA bowls) for Grado headphones.   I bought them on the 7th of December 2012 to hear what they changed, used them like for two weeks, simply because I can't wear them with my glasses because it hurts and I can not not to wear my glasses when I listen to the Grado's because I listen to the Grado's only when I'm on my laptop and there are other reasons you don't care about. I found them on my shelf and remembered how...
  Recent metal doesn't mean harsh vocals. I think you could give a try to My dying bride's A line of deathless kings, Stratovarius' Polaris or Katatonia's The great cold distance. And there are so much more.     I got into music with metal. Cradle of filth and Lordi were the first bands I remember listening to on purpose (though I completely have left Lordi behind). I hated Trivium back in these days... It was just screams and harsh noise... Now I've migrated from...
  I'm afraid a set of LCD2 and a proper amp are out of his budget     I just think you went unlucky with both pairs of Grado. I bought mine used almost a year ago and there has been no problem at all so far. Compared to my Shure SE215 and HD600, my Grado SR80i delivers a more abrasive sound which is perfect for metal. I prefer their sound than the HD600's when I listen to metal.
As for metal, I can quote Drudkh - Forgotten legends, Mantus - Deep hypnosis trance and, less "bizarre" but still special, Killing joke - Hosannas from the basements of Hell. These three albums have a strong effect on me, and I really love it. Hell - Hell is another species of "bizarre" metal, but I haven't listened to it enough yet.   For other genres, I'd say Autechre - all of their albums, Monkey - Journey to the west, Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma, which I really...
Ready for Saturday night listening session #2 - Discovering the HD600, part III :     Laptop (without internet - wi-fi isn't strong enough to reach my room from the basement), GrubDAC, Millett "Starving student", and SR80i & HD600.
Hello there,   I recently acquired a set of Sennheiser HD600, which came with an 1/8 to 1/4 gold-plated adapter. The problem with this adaptater is that it had solid brass black cuff that prevents from plugging other 1/8 connectors than that of the HD600. I wanted to use it with my Grado, so I decided to shorten the cuff.   I clutched the adapter in a column drill, without forgetting to protect it with tape. Then I used a saw to cut the biggest part of the cuff,...
Pimpest switch ever.
Mogami 2534 and Hicon 3,5 mm connectors :    
A Belvu 12AU7 tube on my Millett's "Starving student" hybrid amp. More than 30-second exposure at 100 ISO.  
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