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Up guys... always looking for beats pro/other beats headphones/grado headphones/sennheiser amperior...
Ty stainless for your advices... btw I don't want to spend so much money at this moment...   I'm still considering to trade with beats pro (hoping to not lose too much sound quality.. ) because I want to try headphone instead of IEM...   Hence I'm looking for: - beats pro - other high end beats headphone - other high end headphone (akg, sennheiser, grado, etc...)   Beats preferred because they also look good   Let me know guys
I'm considering trades with the beats pro...   How can i remold the TF10? What are the pros in doing this?
Hi guys I'm looking for a trade: my  UE TRIPLE.Fi 10 for a Beats Pro or Monster Turbine copper pro or gold.   My IEM are perfect, the sound is fabulous and I hope to not do a bad thing changing them, because they sound perfect to my ears, but I want change every year so...   For informations contact me.   Preferred UE trades but it's ok also international trades. 
let me know if there is a good cheap headset too on sale... ty guys
Also: do you suggest gold or copper?
any deal on turbines gold?
Got mine!! One of the first to add in the cart but lost some time checking all the boxes at checkout, even in these time-critic situation i can't just hit the "buy" button! I've always to check everything :D
the copper are 220 on amazon
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