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*bump* love this idea will post as soon as my partner and I have the details for our gifts worked out! :D keep this going yearly and it'll be an awesome thread for music digging and gift ideas!
lets us know how they sound together. I was looking at this same setup and any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
congrats! let us know how they sound :)
lol thank you. Will do! I'll send yours with one of those drinks that contains a little umbrella in it haha!
Ok I guess I won't gift my headphones away. Just thought they would make a sweet Christmas gift, and I mean it's not like I was just giving them away because I do not like them or anything like that. I genuinely thought some audiophile out there might enjoy them but I understand the issues with that come with that so instead I'll stick to music. Although I thought that this might be a good chance to brainstorm on cool cheap gift ideas that would be fair to everyone and in...
vanilla and cinnamon bring me back ^-^ from a Dominican dessert I have been eating since before I was born lol called arroz con leche(rice pudding).
I'm in, will hopefully bring my Koss ProDJ100 and any new gear I might pick up along the way. I have 2 pairs, I can bring them both if anyone would like to make some interesting trades(the one I might trade is brand new as of now). Hope to see you all there! :)
 I think you guys are on to something lol I'll see if I can follow it up. If anyone gets me I am willing to gift some brand new Koss ProDJ100s. I don't care much about what I get back but It would be appreciated if it is at least of equal value just to be fair. It's the thought that counts. I also might include some extra little things in my gift. ;D
I'm in. Anywhere Amazon ships to. Merry X-mas to all. :)
i just recently purchased my hd201s and was looking to replace the pads for something a bit more comfortable. Any help on which pads would be the most comfortable(any price) that will actually fit on the hd201s would gladly be appreciated. 
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