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I'm also asking myself this question.
Hmmm, I don't know.  I'll either get the M-80's and like I said return for the LP2's if I don't like the comfort /isolation, or get the LP2's and return for the M-80's if I can't stand the sound.   But personally, which do you prefer to listen to music to?  And would you enjoy listening to the M-80s if you were in a noisy classroom?
I'm most likely going to get the M-80's and if I'm not satisfied with the comfort/isolation I'll return them for the LP2's.  But I see what you mean with movies/gaming.  I watch a lot of movies, probably one every other day, and I watch a decent amount of action packed TV series on Netflix.  But on the other hand, I listen to more music.  And as far as gaming goes, that would be very nice to have them.  Though how are they for chatting. I don't need them to be great, just...
Dubstep, progressive, classical, alternative, rock, metal, jazz, some oldies, country.  I'd say I mostly listen to classical though.  And this would be on the go in school mostly, which is why im concerned about isolation.
@sempermalum   Great, now you're convincing me to get the LP2's.  This is killing me.  I guess I'll just get the M-80's, if I don't like the comfort/isolation, then I'll return them and get the LP2's.
It doesn't sound like the LP2's will fit me then.  My current pair of headphones are bass heavy and I was a bit ignorant to headphones at the time, I enjoy good quality sound and extra bass kinda ruins most of my music.  I found a store near me that has M-80's and i think I'm going to go try them out, if they have better isolation that my last pair of headphones I may just get them.  Thanks for the advice.
I see, two questions then.  If you were listening to a song that didn't have much bass, like classical, would you enjoy listening to it on the LP2's?  Second, how are the M-80's on isolation and comfort, if they are good I might actually get them over the LP2's.  Though I don't expect much isolation from them.   But for me, Isolation and comfort > a bit better sounding.  So which would you recommend between these two?  
The M-100 looks like they will be out of my price range, and I don't like the size of the M-80's.  So will the LP2's be an ok choice?  I like to have a good bass, but I also listen to less bass heavy music and wondering if the LP2's will still be a good choice.
Hello,   I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for around $200 (willing to go a bit over).  And I listen to a wide variety of music classical, rap, hip-hop, rock, metal, dubstep, alternative, country, and a few more.   What I want is... -Good sound (obviously) -Nothing really bass heavy, but still has a nice thump to it -A bass that doesn't ruin the mids or highs -Noise Isolation,  I hate having to hear outside noises when all I'm trying to do is...
Hello,   I'm looking for some headphones, and I have little knowledge in this area and would greatly appreciate some advice.   Price Range: $150, anything over that is pushing it. What will I be using it for: Music on my iPod, and PC. What I listen to: An even mix of Country, Hip-Hop, Classic, Rap, Rock, Jazz, Dubstep.  So sometimes I will be listening to a lot of bass, and sometimes very little. Where I will be listening it: On the go sometimes, but mostly...
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