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Hello Everyone.   I know this question has been asked before, and I have read those threads, but I want to ask for myself and find an answer for my specific headphones.   I just got some Sony MDR-XB700's, And I want a nice headphone amp for them. Semi-portable with battery capability. Most of the time ill be using it in junction with my laptop, but I want the ability to use it with my phone as well. I am mainly looking at the FiiO E6 and E7. Obviously they are...
Wow thats an awesome deal, thanks!   I was seriously considering the Shure SPH750's. But now with the Denon AH-D1100 around the same price, which is better?    Denon's seem a bit cheaper made and looks like the Shure's would be better quality wise. Both have great reviews for sound.
  Ok, thank you very much!
That's my plan actually. Another site also says 1/19. But Sony themselves say April. So I have my doubts if it will actually be available or not, so I'm looking for alternatives. 
Hello all :)   I was originally looking at the Sony MDR-XB700, but they are suddenly out of stock everywhere and cannot be found. So i am looking for an alternative.    Obviously, I care alot about bass. Both how deep they go, and bass quantity/quality. But I want an overall nice sound, with good crisp treble as well. And Over-Ear type.   The XB500's are obviously on my list, but I wanna know what else could be better for me. Around $100.   Thank you in...
Ah, okay. Thank you for answering!
Alright thanks for the reply :)   If i may ask, why humorous? 
Awesome review :)     I'm very interested in the Monoprice Foldable NC Headphone.   Its only $25 bucks, and some short reviews on the product page say its comparable to $100 sets.   Here's some specs:   Driver unit: 40mm cobalt magnet Impedance: 16 Ohm Sensitivity: 118 dB +/- 3 dB Frequency response: 20 - 20K Hz Total length: 4ft Up to 85% reduction of ambient noise.   Im tempted to buy them seeing as theyre a well known company, just not...
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